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Realityland's David Koenig

Princesses Not Packing their Bags Quite Yet?

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Plaza Gardens is finally shedding its gold paint, a last remnant from Disneyland’s 50th anniversary makeover. This week, painters could be seen returning the structure to its former red and white color scheme.

The freshening up, however, begs the question: Why is the park spending the money to spruce up a facility that is supposed to be torn down to provide a new home for the Princess Faire? Some sources indicate the relocation has been temporarily delayed, possibly due to budgetary concerns or lack of space.

“It appears Imagineering underestimated the crowds that would be attracted to the small location,” said one insider. “There is concern that long queues will spill out into the Hub, Frontierland, and the Castle. Also, think of the crowds you see at the Princess Fantasy Faire, and try to imagine them in that space where Plaza Gardens is. I think that would be pushing the fire code, don’t you think?”

Personally, I feel the longer the Faire remains out of the Plaza, the better. Consider how the AstroOrbiter intrudes into the Hub. The Faire would similarly destroy the theming of the immediate area and compete with Sleeping Beauty Castle as the main entrance to Fantasyland.

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  1. olegc's Avatar
    I have one word - DUH! I can't believe any of the real imagineers (those that do operational and crowd planning for attractions) could have come up with this scheme for the Tangled-based village. My guess is a marketing person walked by, saw the space empty during their walk, and figured to take advantage because maybe it would bring in something else in the theater by Small World (or it could have been a combined effort with marketing and entertainment). Either way - the buzz immediately last year at the expo was "what are they thinking" given the popularity of princesses and their desire to still have the merch sales along with the meet and greets - AND changes in construction. It must be a good example of lack of logic.
  2. spectromen's Avatar
    Gee, maybe simply building new food concessions would return the area to a full-service feel?
  3. jmorgan's Avatar
    That is one of my favorite areas to go in the afternoon when the park is packed. Sit at one of the tables with no one around and enjoy an icecream. It is also a great area at night when they have a band playing. I would very much be sadden to see it turned into a meet and great.