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Mad T Party to replace ElecTRONica at Disney California Adventure

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When Disney announced last year that ElecTRONica, the nighttime dance party introduced at Disney California Adventure in September 2010 to promote the then-upcoming release of Tron: Legacy, would be extended through Spring 2012, the reactions of MousePlanet readers ranged from delighted to disgusted. One reader groused that the DCA expansion project had left park managers "too busy, tired, cash-strapped, and lazy to try and come up with something else," but another reader said "someone like myself who is further away and short of extra time and money is excited to have a bit more time to attempt to visit Disneyland and experience it."

If you haven't yet made your pilgrimage to see ElecTRONica, time is running out. Disney will announce today that this summer, a new nighttime event called the Mad T Party will fill the streets of the Hollywood Pictures Backlot with two stages, a lounge and an interactive game area. Based on the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland, Mad T Party combines the movie synergy of the ElecTRONica promotion with the colorful atmosphere of the Glow Fest event in the summer of 2010.

From the Disney announcement:

Beginning summer 2012, Disney California Adventure park guests will fall into the rabbit hole and land in a wild and whimsical world at Mad T Party. Inspired by the world of Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland,” the all-new nighttime family celebration will feature a live band, unique entertainment, fun-filled games and plenty of dancing. Familiar faces from the story will be re-imagined in new ways to immerse guests in a captivating world that’s filled with exclusive signature foods, beverages and merchandise offerings.

Looking at the concept art provided by Disney, it appears that the main stage will take the place of the current ElecTRONica DJ booth, next to the Monster's Inc. attraction entrance. (You can see the Monsters facade on the right side of the drawing). The band featured on this stage will be dressed in costumes that liken back to the Tim Burton vision of Wonderland.

A “House of Cards” stage outside Stage 12 (currently the home of Flynn's Arcade) will be used as a secondary stage, and draw people to the new "interactive game area." No additional details about this venue were released. Based on the drawing, the End of the Line Club will be re-imagined into a new House of Cards-themed bar, and the catering truck will receive a makeover as well. We don't know if the party will extend out onto Hollywood Boulevard as ElecTRONica currently does, of if it will be kept in the back corner of the backlot.

Disney has said only that Mad T Party will begin in the summer, which is the same language they continue to use when discussing the opening date of Cars Land. Though ElecTRONica is expected to continue through the spring, the show is not scheduled beyond January 28. As Alice might say, "curiouser and curiouser..."

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  1. olegc's Avatar
    my guess is that interactive gaming will include a lot of Disney Kinect. I'm still torn on this stuff - it's great that they are making alternatives available for folks to experience but I'm not much of a "club" person so I'm not ecstatic.

    what's funny to me (well, ironic or whatever) is that a lot of this goes back to some of the original vision of the park - that it was going to be tied to high energy, more young adult demographic. I know lots of age groups participate - but the focal point is definitely there.
  2. jpg391's Avatar
    Looks pretty cool. I hope that it is a hit.
  3. RStar's Avatar
    Frankly, I think it's great that they change things up once in a while. I also think that the change to a more basic "Disney" clasic theme like Alice is cool. I love the Tron theme, but it is getting old. And it's also nice to have something draw people to that end of the park. Anything to spread people out is nice.
  4. dban3's Avatar
    I'm sure there is some truth to Disney continuing on with these "street parties" (that started with the original Glow Fest) in order to keep crowd levels spread out to different areas of both parks at night. But the suspicious side of my wonders that these street parties continue in order that Disney may have another outlet to sell exorbitantly priced spirit based alcoholic beverages where the profit margin is probably in the 1000% range.