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Realityland's David Koenig

Wily Coyote Visits the Disneyland Resort

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Cats, rats, mice, all manner of fowl—regular Disneyland visitors have probably spotted them all. But workers on the graveyard shift claim to have spied another, more formidable species of wildlife wandering around the park: coyotes.

Such tales have been difficult to confirm—until recently. On October 10, a coyote was found wandering inside the tunnels underneath the Disneyland Hotel.

“It caused quite a stir with the cast members. They were running away and hiding from it,” said one employee. “But the coyote was not aggressive and was just as scared. Eventually Animal Control was called to take care of the situation.”

The cast member was told the coyote was “pretty big,” and a second Animal Control officer had to be called to assist the first. Eventually, the animal was caught and taken away.

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  1. olegc's Avatar
    about a year ago we saw a fox in frontierland run from the river's edge to the bushes between Rancho Del Zocalo and Silver Spur. All red with large black-tipped ears. Then it scampered off back to the river. Fantasmic ended and it was running scared I guess. Small though. Not surprised about coyotes - not that much food out there any more (but plenty of trash and leftovers at the parks!) and it probably wandered and got lost looking for food.

    can you imagine if they institute the dining plan in full here at Disneyland and how many leftovers will be thrown away? yikes! Roll out the feeding bowls!
  2. Andrew's Avatar
    "Taken away" to be released into the wild? I hope? It wasn't the poor animal's fault that he wandered into the hotel.