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Ebook 'em, Mickey

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Of the countless hundreds (if not thousands) of books written over the years about Disney’s theme parks and animation, only a small percentage have yet to be released in ebook form.

A quick search of Barnes & Noble’s Nook Store showed only a dozen ebooks about Disneyland, and almost all were 99-cent quickies. There were close to 50 about Walt Disney World, but, again, few of them appeared to be of book length or quality. Amazon’s Kindle Store had an endless supply of Disney-related e-filler, but few meaty works of Disney history (and none from Disney itself/Hyperion).

Part of the reason may be that many of the best books are filled with lush graphics—not the strong point of a Kindle. But text-heavy books seem a natural for the format, particularly travel books that can be downloaded to one’s mobile device.

As much as I love the sensation of flipping pages and admiring a well-stocked bookshelf, ebooks have obvious advantages in terms of convenience.

So, I’ve vowed to make sure my books are eventually made available in the primary ebook formats. “Mouse Under Glass: Secrets of Disney Animation & Theme Parks” is now available in Kindle format ( and Nook/epub (

Additional titles will be released every few months.

It will be interesting to see how demand for the ebooks compares with the traditonal print versions.

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Updated 09-28-2011 at 10:40 AM by David Koenig

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  1. megzrg's Avatar
    Thanks for the information David, that gives me encouragement.

    I currently have two eBooks written that I am working on getting onto the Kindle. One is about Theme Parks in general and the other is Surviving Disneyland with a Smile, both are for sale on my website. I guess I am going to have to get a move on and get them up and going.