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September 2010 Product Releases, Programs & Promotions at the Disneyland Resort

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The September merchandise newsletter contains information about the following programs, product releases and promotions offered at the Disneyland Resort. Click on "Attached Files" below to open the PDF and view full details and images.

[Note: this is something created and distributed by Disney, it's not a MousePlanet document.]


  • Treat of the Month – Giant Mickey Mouse Peanut Butter Cookie with Chocolate
  • VinylmationTM Signing with Dan Howard
  • Kooky Kollection – Coming in September!
  • Artist Sketch of the Month
  • VinylmationTM Signing with Casey Jones
  • Spook-tacular New Halloween Offerings
  • Artisan Watches
  • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
  • New Looks “Rock” Studio Disney 365!
  • Disney Vault 28
  • Annual Passholder Commemorative Collection
  • Trick or Treat - Mickey Pumpkin Apple
  • Meet the Bear-y Newest Member of the Disney Character Family! September 19th

The only thing that really caught my attention here is the "Duffy the Disney Bear" Annual Passholder event at Disneyland on September 19th. (There will be a similar event in Walt Disney World on the 18th). The Disney Bear was featured in the domestic Disney theme parks waaaay back in 2002 when Once Upon a Toy opened at Walt Disney World, and was offered at Disneyland around the same time. Duffy didn't have a name back then (or if he did, it wasn't a major part of his marketing), and there just wasn't a lot of buzz about him. Essentially the Disney Bear was a stuffed bear with a Mickey-shaped outline on his face. He came in a few sizes and colors, and each bear was sold with a story book explaining how Mickey had hugged the bear soooo tight he transferred his iconic markings to the stuffed critter's face. A Duffy walk-around character made a short-lived appearance in 2004, but the character never really took off and the Disney Bear merchandise was quietly moved to the back of the stores.

Given his history, I was surprised to come across a large Disney Bear display at Tokyo Disneyland a few years later. At that time it seemed that Japanese park guests were making a much bigger deal of the Disney Bear, but I had no idea HOW big Duffy had gotten over there until I started noticing Japanese visitors to the US theme parks wearing Duffy t-shirts and lanyards, and dangling Duffy keychains from every zipper pull. Duffy has acquired Beanie Baby status in Japan (the early years, when people camped out overnight in front of stores to purchase their precious allocation of 2-per-person), and it looks like Disney is going to try to spread the mania back to the United States with this relaunch of "the bear-y newest member of the Disney Character Family."

I wonder how they'll explain his 8-year absence...

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  1. ChrisGlass's Avatar
    Like so many other things, this just feels very forced and doesn't hold my interest.
  2. spectromen's Avatar
    The bear is fine, but I wish Vinylmation would just die.
  3. MeRSiamese's Avatar
    "The bear is fine, but I wish Vinylmation would just die."
    Posted 09-02-2010 at 12:04 PM by spectromen

    I AGREE!!!
  4. davidgra's Avatar
    A third on the anti-Vinylmation bandwagon here. Vinylmation seems like a desperate attempt to create a new "fad," since pin trading (and its associated revenue) is dying out.

    I love collecting all things theme park, but I just can't get into something as ridiculous as Vinylmation. At least give me something with some real artisanship on which to spend my money!