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Away from Her

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I did squeeze in some time to watch Away from Her so I've now seen all of the best actress nominations.

For those who don't know (and since this is one of those mostly unseen nominated films that would be pretty much everybody), Away from Her is the story of Grant dealing with having to put Fiona, his wife of 44 years into a home as she slides into oblivion due to Alzheimer's. And what he's willing to sacrifice to have her as happy as possible and also atone for some of his own past bad behavior.

It is a hard movie to watch and and Julie Christie does indeed do a fine job though I'd barely call it a leading role since the focus of the movie is squarely on Grant (Gordon Pinsent), and his is an even better performance.

I'm not over the moon about Marion Cotillard in La Vie en Rose but she was the best of the ones I'd seen and by a nose I'd still give her the little gold guy if it were up to me.

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