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Alice under wraps

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David Koenig reported Monday in his MousePlanet Blog that the Alice in Wonderland attraction is set to reopen this week, after a month-long closure during which Imagineering installed safety rails to the "vine" section of the ride's elevated track.

Now that the scaffolding is down, we can share photos of the final, temporary result. Remember that Disneyland maintains that this IS a temporary fix, and was put into place so that the ride could reopen while Imagineers create a permanent solution for the safety issue detailed in David's earlier report.

The temporary solution includes metal railings held in place by ground-level supports. The base is wrapped a vine-printed vinyl, and the railings are dotted with leaf-shaped cutouts. (If you look not-all-that-carefully, you can see that the fabric covering is already fraying). At the top of the "vine," where the ramp exits the ride building, a wooden corner piece has been installed, painted to look like an extension of the Castle wall.

Disneyland variously lists the ride as closed through October 2 (currently posted on or January 2011 (in a cast member publication), so there's no telling when the ride will reopen, or when it might close again to install the final solution.

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  1. Madame Liota's Avatar
    Looks like its always been there
  2. Disneylandfanguy's Avatar
    Since those pictures were taken, the "bricks" on the castle wall extension have been textured to blend in with the real castle wall.

    I agree. It looks pretty good and blends in with what was already there.