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Realityland's David Koenig

Alice Reopening This Week

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Disneyland’s Alice in Wonderland attraction is expected to reopen later this week, following a four-week closure to install handrails along elevated portions of the track.

The temporary safety fix includes turquoise railing (to match the metal fencing that runs around the queue and base of the attraction), dotted with a handful of flower cut-outs in the style of those that already decorate the ride’s exterior.

Charitably speaking, the modifications look horrible. The good news is they’re temporary. The Cast Member Reference Guide lists the attraction as closed until January 2011, so it likely will go back under the knife as soon as crowds become manageable—and the Imagineers can come up with a more attractive solution.

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Updated 08-09-2010 at 10:33 AM by David Koenig



  1. Drince88's Avatar
  2. lumiere's Avatar
    Ugh, sounds horrible
  3. MyFault's Avatar
    I saw the new railing when I was there on Saturday: I'm glad this one is only temporary.
  4. Michael24's Avatar
    At least it fits with the rest of the ride's look. I think it looks just fine.
  5. jmorgan's Avatar
    I think it looks just fine myself. This is one of my families favorite rides to do together and I do not think that the railing will interfer with our enjoyment of the ride.
  6. Disneylandfanguy's Avatar
    "the modifications look horrible."

    Since those early photos were taken, More leafs have been added.

    I have seen these modifications in person. For a temporary solution, it honestly looks pretty good from ground level. It all blends in with what was already there.