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Realityland's David Koenig

Alice in Wonderland Shutdown

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Disneyland’s Alice in Wonderland attraction remains closed for a fourth day, after the ride was suddenly locked down Friday July 16 for an unscheduled refurbishment. Ride operators turning away riders informed guests that the ride was undergoing regular maintenance, yet a group of suits from Team Disney Anaheim was spotted that afternoon walking the track.

Privately, one cast member says Disneyland was “ordered” to shut down the ride: “The length of track that runs outside from the upper level to the ground, known as ‘The Vine’ was the reason. That part of the track has no safety railings. Many of us find it odd, (since) this attraction has been running (safely) for over 50 years. As far as I know, no one has fallen off The Vine. No one knows how long Alice will be shut down.”

He had heard DOSH was to blame, but a spokesperson for the agency said they were uninvolved with and unaware of the closure. I wonder if this isn’t the work of that crack legal team in Burbank. Hopefully, Alice’s wonderful exterior won’t be disfigured with safety railings and bright yellow tape.

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  1. Drince88's Avatar
    Any update on this?

    Also, are there any emergency stop locations on that part, such that if something happened on the attraction, someone would have to be evacuated and walk in an area that didn't have rails?
  2. David Koenig's Avatar
    Usually when Alice is E-stopped, passengers inside the show building are evacuated from their vehicles and walked out. Vehicles on The Vine are pushed to the load/unload area. Maintenance workers, however, regularly have to walk The Vine.

    Update on Alice coming shortly...
  3. Disneylandfanguy's Avatar
    Safety first. This was bound to happen.

    Besides David, you know very well that if a worker HAD fallen in the past, you would be one of the first people to blame Disney for not having a railing system.

    I'm glad that the current railing system is just temporary, although it honestly looks pretty good from ground level.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what the Imagineers come up with for the permanent solution.