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Coming soon to Walt Disney World - Monthly Payment Annual Passes

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Sources at Walt Disney World tell MousePlanet that the monthly payment plan first offered to Disneyland Annual Passholders in late 2008 will be extended to Walt Disney World Passholders later this year. The official announcement is expected sometime next week, when Disney is also expected to debut a new Annual Passport that will be valid at both the Florida and California Resorts.

Few details are available about the Walt Disney World monthly payment option, which is not expected to launch until sometime this summer. The Disneyland version, currently restricted to Southern California residents only, requires customers to make a deposit equal to the cost of a one-day, one-park ticket. The remaining monthly payments are then automatically charged to a credit card placed on file at the time the passport is purchased. The Walt Disney World version is expected to be open to all Florida residents, and will require a deposit and credit card payments similar to the Disneyland pass. Non-residents are not expected to be eligible for this option.

The resort is reportedly launching this plan as another attempt to grow their Annual Passholder base. Disneyland saw sales of Annual Passes skyrocket after launching the monthly payment plan, and Walt Disney World is hoping that the financing option will help boost sales of their pricier passes. If the two plans are similar, a Florida resident would be able to "upgrade" their $79 one-day, one-park ticket (expected to go to $83 this August if current patterns hold) to a seasonal annual passport with payments of about $15 per month. After deposit, payments for the Florida resident Premium AP would be just under $40 per month - still a big chunk, but much easier on the budget than shelling out $489 (current price) at one time. Note that all prices listed do not include tax.

We haven't yet heard if the monthly-payment option will be offered for the combined Walt Disney World / Disneyland Resort annual passport. While it would seem to make sense, the logistics involved with launching the new pass may leave that option for later implementation.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of this option!

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  1. Drince88's Avatar
    I understand why for legal enforceability reasons they are limiting the payment plans to the people of the state where the park is (though that doesn't explain why No Cal can't do payments at DL) - I don't know if they'll see quite the bump at WDW from Florida residents. I wonder if this is partially in response to Harry Potter, too?

    I'm really interested to see how they deal with the bi-costal APs? Especially since the differences in the non-resident-based APs have such different basis. (At DL the big difference is blackout days - at WDW the difference is the minor parks.)

    And does this mean that DL is getting fingerprint scanners? Seems like having the same entry validation process (currently pictures at DL, fingerprints at WDW) would be an important first step!
  2. Figment1986's Avatar
    I'm curious to see how they do discounts with a Disney Parks America AP... considering DL offers deals to their APs, and WDW seasonally offered discounts, or at oddball times... not to mention would it be based upon both PAPs where in WDW you also you get waterparks and more (round of golf, and Disneyquest)
  3. SJF510's Avatar
    I can't wait to see what they come up with and what the price point is. It's especially good timing for us. Our DL AP's are a month away from renewal and a possible quick trip to WDW had us debating admission media there. I think those decisions are on hold until we get the joint AP info.
  4. Mark Goldhaber's Avatar
    Since breaking this story, we have learned that the announcement date of next week is not accurate; however we are expecting an announcement by mid-March.
  5. davidgra's Avatar
    I'm eagerly waiting to hear more about this -- we are DVC members who always have annual passes to WDW, but we'd go to California much more often if we didn't have to pay separate admission. We just got back from a five-day trip to DL (and a stay at the Vacation Club Villas at Disney's Grand Californian), and it cost us nearly $200 each just for park admission.

    With those kinds of prices, we rarely go to DL more often than every other year or so. If we could get into DL without paying admission, AND if we could pay for our passes over a year, it would make a big difference. Since we live in Texas, it's just as easy to get to both coasts, so we'd probably alternate more.
  6. doctortea's Avatar
    Any new news? I am moving to Orlando in may.
  7. Mark Goldhaber's Avatar
    The latest that we've heard is that the monthly-payment passes will be tested in July, with the official announcement coinciding with the annual price increase the first weekend in August.
  8. myfavoriteplace's Avatar
    Hi. I'm new here but love the site. Thank you for your efforts and info. Anyway, any news on the monthly payment for AP's. I am holding off buying two ($800) until I see if this is actually going to go. Florida resident, past employee, can't get any better than WDW!
  9. Mark Goldhaber's Avatar
    I haven't heard anything new from my sources since my last post from April. I'm expecting a test roll-out some time next month, with an official announcement in conjunction with the annual price increases.
  10. myfavoriteplace's Avatar
    thank you so much. I think I'll try to contact a friend who still is a cast member and see if she has any news. This would be a great thing and I bet it would increase AP and PAP sales in this economy. Thanks again.
  11. myfavoriteplace's Avatar
    Spoke w/friends and directly to WDW. Everyone says it is just a rumor at this time and no one has any definite info yet. I keep hoping.
  12. myfavoriteplace's Avatar
    WDW came out today and is NOW offering the monthly payment plan for the AP. Sooooo excited. Just got the news flash from our local paper in Lakeland, FL. YEA!
  13. myfavoriteplace's Avatar
    OK, there are restrictions for the "payment plan" tickets. They are good for one year only, available ONLY to "permanent" Florida residents AND can be purchase only on line and ONLY for "new" tickets. They will not be renewed and you cannot convert whatever ticket you have now to a payment plan ticket. I am hoping lots of those rules will be changed as they go along to be more like Busch Gardens/Sea World ticket plans. Universal does allow you to renew as well. I am sure there will be changes during the year. I do think this is great though.
  14. myfavoriteplace's Avatar
    FRUSTRATED!!!! I was really excited about this and tried to purchase the WDW AP on line, which is, of course, the only way you can do it. Have a MasterCard. When trying to enter the information for credit card the "year" drop down only goes to 2015. My cc expiration date is 2016. Called and emailed WDW for help. Received a generic reply "thanks for contacting us" over a week ago. Still NO help from WDW. No one on the phone knew what to do either. Today 7/10/2010 tried again and no change. I am very frustrated and disappointed with WDW. I was going to purchase three passes for grandchildren. Guess it won't be happening. Does anyone have a suggestion?
    Updated 07-11-2010 at 06:02 AM by myfavoriteplace (wanted to ask for help)