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Holidays and more.

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I love the Holidays and spending time with the family. I've already sent out the invitations for Thanksgiving and received back the RSVP's. As usual this Thanksgiving will be at our apartment we have a 2 bedroom single floor apartment, so getting ready for Thanksgiving requires having to move the furniture around so we don't feel like we are in a box. My Grandparents (Mom's, Mom and Stepdad) don't get along with my Dad. So that means already off the bat we have two Thanksgivings which I don't mind because I love to be in the kitchen and cook but this year we leave for Disneyland and there for our Thanksgiving are back to back with me packing, and also having something special for my Mom's birthday on the 28th. I really can't wait to be at Disneyland, and be in a place where it is stress free.

This trip with my Mom and Brother will be a little different then the others we usually take together. This time I decided that it would be in our (Tommy and I) best interests to have separate rooms. My Brother can be a little hard to handle sometimes so this is something that we needed.
Also this will be the first time my Mom and Brother will be there for the Holidays. I think I convinced her of going during this time because last year it left Tommy and I breathless.

I am hopping that before I go on this trip I can get my hair cut. I know this must sound odd but I've been growing out my hair to be able to donate it to Locks Of Love. After my childhood friend passed from having Leukemia it was something that I wanted to do and will continue to do. Right now I have a little more then an inch give or take. It will be the first time having my hair short in a while and I can't wait.

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