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Day Three & Four In The Happy Place.

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I know it has been a few days since I have been able to write about the last couple days of my trip, but things around here have be needles to say very stressful. So now I will tell you all how the rest of my trip went and relive the very happy moments.

Tuesday Oct 12th - Day 3 started off early so we could get early entry into the park because I was careless and thought there was Mickey's Toontown Madness. I am a great schedular but somehow got my days mixed up so after we entered the park 8:10 a.m. and went towards Toontown where I finally figured out that I was wrong I had to figure out what we would do, and how to make it up to my very hungry and tired boyfriend and dad. So we first went over to the Matterhorn where my dad really wanted to go. The line was only 10 minutes which made me really happy. My dad loved it and was happy to be able to ride it.

We all then stopped to figure out where to eat and I said to myself, we'll go to Minnie's Breakfast. This is somewhere where none of us had eaten before, plus I figured this would be a redemption of making my mistake. I told my Dad and Tommy to head over to Mainstreet. I stopped and asked the cast member how long the wait would be, he said no wait. So we all shook our heads yes and went to go eat and of course see the characters. The food was really great, but of course we were on the lookout for characters. My dad saw Tigger and stopped eating and started to wave like a little kid. I was watching him and just smiling the whole time . He has never been to a character meal where he could see so many at one time and it thrilled him to the core.
We saw:
Minnie of course, Tigger, Pooh, Eeyore, Captain Hook, Fairy Godmother, and Chip.

After eating such a big breakfast we looked and saw that it was after 9:00 and why not go over to Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy and get a Fastpass. We wanted to go back at night and view it then. So that is what we did. Then we went over to Finding Nemo which was a 45 minute wait. My dad wanted to experience everything but the subs were never his thing, so he was so-so about this ride.
My dad and myself get claustrophobic him worse then myself with certain places so that is why this Dad was iffy about this ride. After we rode it I asked him how it was, he said alright I guess. So I have figured that if he gets back to Disneyland this will not be a ride that he will go on again lol.

We then went over to Small World and decided that this would be a great calm ride. My dad was in aww the whole time, the last time he saw this ride was 11 years ago. He thought everything was so bright and although I think we had the slowest boat lol. we were able to see all the added Disney characters throughout the ride. After Small World I asked my dad what he wanted to do and he said Toy Story mania, so we headed over to California Adventure.
After walking over to Toy Story Mania they said they were having technical difficulties and didn't know how long it would be. So we went over to Soarin which my dad wanted to do again. The wait was 50 minutes, so we got Fastpasses.
We decided we would go back to the hotel real quick so my dad could change. He was wearing shorts and wanted to get some pants on. So we cut through the Grand Californian Private entrance.

After we did that we decided we would go and see Turtle Talk with Crush we went over and waited about 20 minutes. I was trying to explain it to my dad but he didn't understand. So we got seated and my dad was so intrigued. Crush asked if anyone knew how to swim. Tommy raised his hand very low and back down really fast, he tends to be shy sometimes. Well unbeknownst to us he was chosen, because all of a sudden he had a microphone in front of him. It was so funny Crush asked Tommy what button he was wearing and he said my birthday button. Crush said how old are you and Tommy said 25, Crush said dude you just hatched lol. It was so funny and my dad kept trying to figure out how this Crush dude knew everything

After Crush we went back over to Disneyland and went to Thunder Mountain to get Fastpasses, because the whole time we had been there it had been a 50 minute wait which wasn't to bad but Dad wanted to come back and only wait 10 minutes so that is what we did.

We went back over to California Adventure to ride Soarin with our fastpasses and only wait 15 minutes which was great. This time we got to sit in the front and in the middle of the screen. My dad again loved it and wanted to stay. I love this ride and it is always relaxing.
We then went over to California Screamin' and waited 25 minutes. My dad loved this ride and said it was the smoothest coaster he had ever ridden.

After going on a few more rides we decided to head over to the Monorail and ride it to Downtown Disney and go eat at ESPN. We got to ESPN about 20 minutes before our reservation time and I asked for a booth in the screening room. Since it was my dad's first time being there I wanted him to sit where not only he had all the TV's but a TV at his table. He loved it, but after ordering his food and not eating it I asked him if he was alright. He said he didn't feel good. I told him to go back to the Hotel and rest for a while. After resisting and telling me that I would somehow be mad at him he went back to the hotel. We said we would come back to the hotel at 7:30 and see how he was. So that is what we did.

After finishing dinner at ESPN me and Tommy stopped at Paradise Pier to drop off the left overs and went to Disneyland. Tommy decided that he wanted to go and do some shopping with his funcard so we did. We first stopped off at Zocalo and looked at all the decorations and took some pictures. Then we did some shopping and headed back to the hotel to get Dad. Tommy went and woke him up, my dad said he felt much better. The park closed at 9:00 so we had some things to do in a short amount of time. We went over to Space Mountain with our Fastpasses in hand.
We were so happy that we had them because the line at was 115 minutes. We got up to the Fastpass line and only had to wait 10 minutes which we all loved. We also loved the sound effects outside and the colors on Space Mountain. After we rode it again this time in the front, which I think is much better we decided to go to Thunder Mountain.
After 15 minutes of having to go around the fireworks area we were finally over to Thunder Mountain, which had a time of 45 minutes. We got to the point where we handed the Cast member our Fastpass and it started to rain. We were happy that it was only a 5 minute wait. By that time the rain stopped which was great.

We then decided to go on the Jungle Cruise, I don't know why but I love to ride it at night. It was a great ride and the fireworks were going on which was also great. The park was closing in 10 minutes so we decided to go back to the hotel and pack
We got out of the park fairly easy although the fireworks had ended and everyone was leaving, we decided to cut through the shops which always saves me and Tommy time when we've done it in the past.
We all thought that, that was the hard part.. Wrong.
We get back to Paradise Pier and the whole lobby was filled with lines to the elevators I was like So having faced the elevator woes before I walked to the second floor and pushed the express elevator which of course was coming down so we were able to catch it to go to our room.
We packed and got the last of our pillow candies which is always sad to think this is my last night here.

Wednesday Oct 14th- We woke up at 7:30 and checked out and took our luggage and checked it in with their baggage area.
We then headed to the park to do some last minute shopping and some rides.
We first went to go and do Mickey's Toontown Madness, this time on the right day
My Dad enjoyed it and the button. He had been collecting the buttons the whole time. After the ceremony thing was done Toontown was still not open to the rest of the park so we went and did Roger Rabbit. We all had a blast and Dad had his own car, because we both knew that he would be spinning himself silly. That is what he did lol.

We then headed over to California Adventure to go on Toy Story Mania it was drizzling but we had our umbrellas with us so we could handle it. We got over there and the wait was 40 minutes so we waited. The rain continued to stop and go so we where happy we had the umbrella's. After riding it my Dad said he had a blast with the games and he did pretty well too.
We then went over to Monsters inc. which is my favorite ride I love Sully, and this ride is always a must.

We then headed over to Disneyland for the last time We really just walked around and got pictures taken and did some more shopping. The rain never held up and we all decided that we were ready to head home.
We went back to the hotel and Tommy and I decided to change since our bottoms of our pants were wet. So we got our luggage and changed in the bathrooms in the lobby. There was an Origins cosmetic meeting that just let out so the lobby was packed with women. So of course my dad who is single was what he called people watching. They were all really nice and after pulling my Dad to the car we left.

We first had to go to Costco to fill up with gas, then we hit the road. We left Anaheim at 4:00 the traffic was not bad. We stopped at In-N-out and got our lunch/dinner I was so hungry not eating any breakfast that I was so happy to have food in front on me.
We stopped and got gas in Coalinga, and I finally got to stretch my legs. We got back on I-5 and didn't hit any traffic on 101 and got home at mid-night which to me was great. I felt we made great time.

Now that I am home and writing this trip, I wish that I was back in the happiest place. I love the fact that even writing this trip report I feel like I am back in my little world, but I know that as soon as I stop I am back to having to deal with life.

I hope that you enjoyed reading about my trip and I know that I often try to live vicariously through you all.

Untill next time.


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