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Second Day in the Park.

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Here is what we did the second day of our trip to the Happiest Place.

Monday Oct 12th- We started out the day waking up at 7:30 and decided to head over to La Brea for breakfast. We had noticed that there was not nearly as many people as the previous day which was a great sign. We had allot planned for today, because some of the things were going down for refurbishment the next day or where not going so I had everything planned.

We first had all decided that we would start off the day by heading to the Haunted Mansion which is what we did. We only waited 10 minutes which was great. My dad had never seen the Haunted Mansion all decorated in the Nightmare before Christmas holiday.
After we got out of the ride we noticed a 5 minute wait time for Splash Mountain so I didn't hesitate and asked dad if he wanted to ride it now. So that is what we did. Tommy is not a fan of this ride so he was going to hold on to our stuff. We got to the log and I asked my dad if he wanted to hand off anything more to Tommy and he said no, so off we went. After the first little drop I realized that I was going to get very wet as I already felt like a typhoon had gone in my shoes. After the last/big drop I was drinctched but had also known my dad was no longer wearing his hat . Well as you probably guessed he lost it on the last drop We told a cast member and they said that at the end of the day they drain the water and to come back tomorrow. So that was are plan for the next morning.

We headed over to Fantasyland to Mr. Toads wild ride, to try to get a little dry The last scene in the ride you end in hell and the heat we thought would help It did we were a little drier. My dad decided he wanted to go over to California Adventure and go on Soarin over California which he had read about, so that is where we went. When we got to Soarin there was a 40 minute wait which was more of a 35 minute wait. My dad loved the pictures and the history inside. Once we got inside and got seated I looked over and he had a big smile on his face. After it was over we looked at my dad and he said I wonder if they will notice if I hide in here. I said yes lol. He loved this ride soooo... much. I told him that we would do this ride again.

We then headed back to Disneyland as not only were we really hungry but we had reservations at Celebration Round-Up so we headed there in hopes that we could get in early, which is what we did. The food was really great I think I had 3 pieces of chicken, Tommy had 3 pieces of chicken as well as some ribs. My dad ate the most he had 3 buckets of ribs no joke. I couldn't believe how much he ate. I kept looking at him like after he was finished they let us take the rest of the food to go which I thought was cool. I am used to all you can eat food not being able to be taken as left over. I think that I will definitely be eating here again.

After we were done eating an early lunch/dinner we decided to go and do something relaxing so we headed towards Frontierland. We saw that Sailing Ship Columbia was running and this was going to be the last day of it. We waited for it, as the Mark Twain was loading people. We didn't mind waiting as we were really full. Me and dad had never ridden on this ship so we were both really happy Tommy likes this one out of both of the ships. What was great was becuase we had been waiting they told us were to stand so when they opened the gates we could go to the front. That is what we did and I kind of had the Titanic moment on the front lol. Dad got told not to touch the black cannons, I swear he is a kid.

After we rode that we decided to go back to the hotel and drop off the left overs and also so I could change my pants as they still were not fully dry. Only because it was a nice cool day.

We got back to the park at about 3:30 and I had seen the Lilly Belle running and I have always wanted to ride in it. We went to the train station to ask and someone else was already there asking the same info. They were trying to find out if they had enough cast members to have someone back there. That took about a half hour. They said yes and asked how many people were waiting the person that was before us had 6 people and we had 3 so we waited as it went around the park. Someone showed up and said that they had put thier name on a list to ride. The cast member asked how many they had and they had 6 but 2 hadn't arrived yet and the Lilly Belle was approaching so the cast member told them the people they had with them would be able to go but they were not going to wait for the remainder. It made it a total of 13 people which meant we could ride. I was so happy to be able to ride that I didn't notice that it was really hot inside.

After we rode that we figured we would head over to Bill Hill and the Hillbillies at the Golden Horseshoe. They were only going to be performing this day of our trip. We got over there 45 minutes before the show and got a great seat on the upper balcony. Tommy wanted some ice cream and dad wanted the chili fries he saw so that is what we did. After we got there the rest of the seats were all gone so we were really glad that we got there at that time. It was the first time seeing the show for all of us and we loved it. We were clapping and singing along and laughing I will definitely do this again with mom and brother in Dec.

We then decided to go and ride some rides while waiting for Fantasmic. Dad decided that this would be the best time to go back over to Disney's California Adventure and ride Tower of Terror. Keep in mind that the only reason he was riding this was because my mom rode it. They are divorced and it is sometimes a game lol. a friendly one though.
We got there and the wait was only 15 minutes which was only about 10 minutes. I was hoping it would be a fast wait so my dad would not change his mind. He rode it and won't be doing it again lol. He looked so ill after that I thought we might be heading back to the hotel early. He said he was fine we headed back over to Disneyland because California Adventure was closing. We thought we would go over to the Fantasmic area.

We finally got over to the secret viewing area, where no one was including some of the MP'ers that were there that also know about it. We were there about 40 minutes before the show. Once the show started I felt that I had the best view out of everyone. Thanks again to the person that let me know. I will definitely being doing this again in Dec.

After it was over we waited in the area to see the fireworks where they had the music and turned off the lights. I loved the new Halloween Screams and hope that they keep it for next year.

After the Fireworks were over we decided to head to the hotel and get some sleep as we had, had a full day.

Well that is it for day 2 and I hope that you are not to bored by reading about my trip. I am enjoying reliving it

Until Tomorrow and day 3 of my trip!


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