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First Day in the Park.

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Well I know I am home and no longer at the happiest place but I thought I would write about the first day of the trip as there was allot that we did in the 4 day trip to have to write in one post.

Sunday Oct 11th- We woke up a little early as the clock in the room was set by someone who liked to arrive early to places so instead of waking up at 7:30 we woke up at 7:05. By this time I had decided to go and up my dad, which was not hard considering we were in attached rooms. After getting ready we decided to go eat breakfast at La Brea. We waited for 3 elevators at Paradise Pier before getting one that had enough room for three people. This has always been a down flaw at this hotel their elevators are very slow and when you get one it may not be your time.

We first had to stop by Walt Disney Travel in Downtown Disney to get 3 Magical Exclusion booklets. We waited while someone in front of us needed lots of attention . We purchased 3 at $10.00 a piece the lady at the front desk knew what we were looking to get which made it easy.
If you donít have a package and need the Magical Exclusion this is an option. We purchased the Magical Exclusion manly for the priority seating at the Aladdin show which was only showing on Sunday of our trip, which was today so we were really happy to have them in hand.

After that we walked to the ticket booths to get Tommyís birthday fun card. We soon realized that today was going to be really busy.
After entering the park it said that Disneyland was experiencing high crowds and if leaving to get a hand stamp.
We first headed to Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy and decided we would wait the 70 minutes it had said, otherwise the return time for Fastpass was 11:00 p.m. and we didnít want to wait. So after waiting 65 minutes they said that they were experiencing technical difficulty and didnít know when it would be fixed . I decided that we would wait it out. So after a total of 85 minutes me and my dad where on the ride, we both loved it Tommy is not a thrill rides person so he waited.

We then decided we would head over to California Adventure to see Aladdin the Musical although it was still 45 minutes before the show I lined up in the Preferred seating line where people were already waiting. I was glad I did because the back of the line were told they would have to come back at a later time.
Dad loved the show and we all were laughing at the genie.

After the show we were really hungry so we went back to Disneyland for some corn dogs at the Red Wagon. This was the first for all of us and we loved these corn dogs. If you have not tried them I would.

We went on some rides and headed to critter country to see if Tigger was out, he is my dad's favorite character. On our way we saw that the Canoes were going. I have never been able to do this on any of my previous trips, they've always been closed. My dad has never been able to do this. So we thought we would. We all loved it and thought it was fun to experience. We then went and saw Tigger and Pooh.

We stayed in the area, because we had a reservation for Blue Bayou, which was a surprise for my dad and boyfriend. So keeping them in the area was a little hard for me . They both decided we would wait for Pirates of the Caribbean which was a 40 minute wait but I had the time. My dad loved what they did to the ride to add the movies to the previous attraction. It was all new to him When we got out of the ride we had 20 minutes before our reservation so I walked over to Blue Bayou. Their faces were like and then I asked for a seat by the water and was told I may have to wait after my time which is nothing new. So we all waited, this was my dad's first time here and he was taking everything in.
Dad had Five-Pepper Roast New York with gumbo and he loved it ate almost everything. Me and Tommy did a split plate of Filet Mignon and he had gumbo and I had the salad. I was a little bummed that they didn't do the salad wedge anymore I liked the wedge better. I also like that with the split plate that he didn't have to also get a salad which is what they've done in the past. Dinner was great and Wendy brought Tommy some chocolate moose with whipped cream and a candle which made him happy

After dinner we had decided to go and ride some more rides. The park was still crowded and everyone was getting ready for the fireworks and fantasmic so it was close quarters. Dad was getting tired and so was I so we thought we would head to the Mad Hatter, because my dad really waited some Mickey Ears of course .
Since we were in Tomorrowland we saw the line for Autotopia had a 10 minute wait so stopped their. Dad was the first car since he can tend to be a child a bump into us. We thought it was a good idea until he took of and ditched us lol.
After we got out of the ride we watched the Space Mountain colors and sounds and listened and danced to some music which was really great. Forgetting the fact we were all tired.
We had to figure out a way to get out of Disneyland. The cast members had us go in a circle from Tomorrowland to in front of the Castle towards Adventureland. Once over there we were surprised that in order to get to the front of Mainstreet they had us go to through the back of Mainstreet to the front I got to see some behind the scenes which I thought was so cool. We saw The great Zamboni machine, and some Jungle cruise boats we didn't recognize but where told to swiftly move through the area as cast members were showing us where to go.
Dad got his ears and as we left the store we saw Mickey all dressed up and stopped for a picture

We finally got back to the hotel crashed we were so tired.

Well I know that is only day 1 but I can only write so much lol. I hope you don't mind reading about my trip and do hope you enjoy it.

Until Tomorrow!


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  1. mom2girls's Avatar
    Sounds like a great time was had by all, loved the pictures as well
  2. Jenasweetemotion's Avatar
    Thanks we did have allot of fun.