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Realityland's David Koenig

Disney Graveyard Back to Life

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Disneyland is sneaking in a little something extra for its Halloweentime promotion: the reopening of the long-missing cemetery on Tom Sawyer Island.

The construction walls that had been blocking guests from walking behind Fort Wilderness are down, and guests should be able to pay their respects at the cemetery in back within the next few days. The area will not be “pirated up,” according to one source. “The only difference will have the headstones facing the Rivers of America.”

The graveyard was closed several years ago to make room for the island’s Pirates makeover. Crews began refurbishing the cemetery almost a year ago (see, but evidently became distracted.

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  1. DwarfPlanet's Avatar
    Thats really cool, for if I remember right one of the gravestones is the name of Disney worker who buried some Disney films during WWII so they would not be destroyed/stolen while in Europe? I forget the story.
  2. olegc's Avatar
    No open grave? BOO!!! too much legal. it's not like people are showing up with shovels to fill the hole once someone is in it.