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Scarier than Everest!

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Due to a desire for clarity, I have edited my original post - and it is as follows:


From a news source that tracks radical Islam:

Calling for a September 25 prayertime

"Muslims are calling for a Muslim Day of Prayer in Washington DC (Flash Intro Page). They are calling for 50,000 Muslims to gather and pray on the DC Mall. This is the exact word of one of the Sheikhs who is leading this historic gathering,

"Muslims should march on the White House. We are going to the White House so that Islam will be victorious, Allah willing, and the White House will become into a Muslim house."

These are not empty words. They speak of a dark spiritual intent and a coming day of great trouble to America. "

Blogger's Notes:

I am adding information for clarity's sake, as I have received a few emails on the subject.

Here is the link to the interview with an interesting response from one of the leaders to this troublesome quote:

The movement's official website content seems peaceful, yet their slogan "Our Time Has Come" does not sound very inclusive or promote a solely prayerful purpose. The interview may change your perspective as it did mine. The response to this initial quote (which seems was made by a man who was not one of the two primary leaders but is connected) is troublesome as well. The interview is old, but we are all held accountable for our words- and years do not necessarily change intent. Consider it for yourselves.

Let's all agree to watch and see what happens on the 25th.

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Updated 09-22-2009 at 02:48 AM by mstaft