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Realityland's David Koenig

APB: Look Out for Phony FastPasses

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Last week, Disneyland’s Attractions Operations posted fliers on cast member bulletin boards warning to be on the lookout for counterfeit tickets. What’s curious is that the unauthorized reproductions aren’t of money-making media like admission passes, but rather of FastPasses and attraction readmission tickets.

The fliers, which have since been taken down, showed “a picture of a FastPass forgery and pointed out the stuff to watch out for,” one employee said. “It’s kind of difficult considering an average cast member sees hundreds of tickets a day.”

Shared a securitiy officer: “I have seen the forgeries, and they are not bad. The differences to the trained eye are the type of paper used and the same numbers on every ticket, as if someone scanned them on a computer and just changed the date.”

Other red flags are poor quality printing, no date, and no serial number. Cast members who do spot a fake are to advise the guest that their ticket is invalid, apologize for the inconvenience, retain the ticket to give to their manager, and ask the guest to wait to speak with a manager or Security. If the guest insists on leaving, the cast member is not to stop them.

Since many, but not all, of the forgeries are meticulously reproduced, the perpetrators are undoubtedly regular visitors (in all likelihood, annual passholders). So, since the fakes aren’t making the forgers any money, it sounds like an awful lot of trouble to shave a half-hour off waiting in lines. And a big risk that they might end up with their APs confiscated.

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  1. olegc's Avatar
    this has been a big topic on the WDW side for a while - I wonder if it's just getting attention here or we're just getting visibility.
  2. David Koenig's Avatar
    Thanks for refreshing my memory! I knew this latest rash of FauxPasses sounded familiar.

    This problem first surfaced early last year, primarily because the forgers were selling them in batches over eBay ( Jim Hill also did a story some months later.