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Atlanta Gift Show: Day 3

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A short update today, because I saw very little (licensed) Disney merchandise. (We won't talk about all the unlicensed stuff I saw...)

My pedometer says I walked 6.5 miles today. My feet would like to add that this was all on completely unpadded concrete floors.

Precious Moments is showing only five new pieces, a big drop from last year. On the other hand they never shipped the "Baking with Disney" collection they showed last year, so maybe it's better to have fewer products and actually fill the orders. The holiday Snow White and Belle pieces are typically pretty. The new Dumbo piece is very charming, as is the Lady and the Tramp one.

I would like the Cinderella and Prince Charming wedding snow globe better if it wasn't decorated in a Christmas motif. Somehow I think that the potential customer base of "Disney-oriented bride who prefers Cinderella AND is getting married in December" is pretty tiny.

I got a chance to stop by the Jerry Leigh booth today and talk to someone who recently attended the Disney licensee summit. Jerry Leigh is one of the largest vendors of "mass market" Disney licensed product - pretty much anything you see at your local Walgreens or resort-area hotel gift shop comes from them.

Disney Consumer Products hosts these summits to show off the new "properties" to licensees so they can start to design related product. It's also where they showcase major trends in Disney merchandising so everyone knows what everyone else is doing. In addition to seeing LONG previews of Wall*E and the Tinker Bell movie, they heard presentations about the upcoming CarToons show and High School Musical 3. I really enjoyed talking with the Jerry Leigh reps, and they have invited me to see their showroom the next time I'm in Orlando. (I bet they were just being polite... wait until I show up!) It was also a little bit of a reality check to see how much of a Disney nut I am, even when compared to people who make their living with Disney merchandise.

I stopped by Miller Imports to see what new Armani pieces were coming. The most recent figurine they have is the Giselle sculpture. I was really not expecting to see collectible merchandise from Enchanted for quite some time.

I'd hoped to hit the Royal Doulton showroom tonight, but they closed early and I missed them. I'll catch them tomorrow after my morning appointment.

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  1. lisap's Avatar
    The Giselle sculpture is really lovely.