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If I've Said It Once...

FAQ: Best Lanyard for Carrying Tickets/Emergency 411 with Kids

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Many times readers ask for suggestions for carrying their tickets/passes conveniently around the parks. They also ask how to best keep emergency information with children. With my family's summer plans, I have been dealing with these issues myself.

To begin with, hands down, the greatest ticket-carrying lanyard ever is the Witz See-It-Safe & Surf Side Lanyard Wallet. Here's why:

  • It's waterproof. Whether you're riding on Splash Mountain, at the hotel pool or snorkeling, waterproof is a good thing.
  • They come in a variety of colors. Everyone in your group/family/clique can have a different color and you can identify your wallets easily on sight.
  • They're clear or opaque. You can choose which you prefer. I use a clear one because I can look right inside and see that my pass is in it. Others prefer opaque for privacy.
  • It locks. This isn't just a zip-top closing. The latch on the side makes the cards inside secure.
  • It's big. You can carry a pass, fast-passes, hotel key card, and credit card or cash. In my wallet, I carry my pass, all three of my children's passes, and still have room left over for fastpasses or business cards or whatever ends up in there.
  • These are the same cases sold onboard Disney Cruise Ships and in some Disney parks. I'll let you guess which one is priced better.

These lanyards aer just da bomb. Don't say I didn't give you the heads up!

Now about those kids...

Mine are still young enough that as soon as we're in the parks, I re-collect their passes and keep them on me. But many of us want to have our emergency information on our kids whether we're at Disneyland, camping, or wherever vacation may take us.

One option is pin-trading lanyards. Many travel companies give these away with their packages. However, not everyone books a trip with a travel company or wants to trade pins. (I know, this is shocking to some of you!)

My favorite thing to use for this is a fishing license lanyard. A few years ago we purchased some at REI with different colored lanyards. This year I found them for 90 cents each at our local Outdoorsman store. 90 cents each! They have a zip-lock style closure at the top. I'll be printing a list of emergency contact numbers and folding the list so the numbers are not visible from the outside. We will also attach small whistles to the lanyards. Our boys can wear them outside or under their tshirts. (I looked for a link to my 90 cent lanyard but I could not find one. Many stores seem to have similar lanyards for about $2. Check at sporting goods stores that sell rods and licenses.)

If a lanyard won't work for your child, I suggest printing up address labels before you leave home. Purchase blank labels from an office supply store and print emergency contact information on a sheet (or as many as you'll need for your trip.) At the beginning of each day, you can put a fresh label on the inside of your child's clothing and show it to the child so if (s)he's lost, (s)he'll know where the information is. Some parents are fine putting these stickers on the outside of their children's clothes, usually on their backs. That just feels a little too 'public' for my taste.

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