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If I've Said It Once...

The Return Key Is Your Friend

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Ok, this still isn't helpful for trip planning, but hopefully it will make everyone's experiences on message boards better. If posts aren't readable, they're of no use to anyone, including the member making the post.


When typing up a trip report or any otherwise long post, PLEASE use returns and space out paragraphs to make posts readable. PLEASE.

If you've asked a long detailed question and you're wondering why there aren't a lot of responses, this could be why. I'm sure most people don't intend to be rude or don't realize that what they're doing makes their posts very difficult to read, but it does.

I think I tend to make many of my paragraphs very short, possibly even too short. I have been trying recently to see where I can combine my paragraphs so that I'm not cutting them off after only one or two sentences. But very long paragraphs are even worse than one-liners!

So please, remember: The Return Key is your Friend.

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  1. MrsGrumpy's Avatar
    I am sooooo with you one this one Adrienne!
  2. Jim Dear and Darling's Avatar
    Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU.