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Mark My Words

And Disney's first-ever Chief Magic Official is ... Justin!

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Congratulations to MousePlanet reader and MousePad member Justin Muchoney, who was just named Disney's first Chief Magic Official!

From the start, his enthusiasm grabbed me, regardless of whether or not he was a member of the MousePlanet family. His performance in the in-park competitions last week solidified it. Apparently, lots of other Disney fans agreed.

Congratulations also to Tripp West and David Hawley, who did a great job getting to the finals, and proving able competitors for Justin.

I traded emails with one of last year's Dream Jobs winners, Ricky Brigante of Inside the Magic and Orlando Attractions Magazine last night, who hung out with the candidates for the last few days. Ricky pronounced all three "wonderful people," noting that "They're each fun-loving, friendly, and perfect for the role."

The ceremony was brief, including an interruption from Donald Duck, who tried to steal the competition, but once Donald's banner covering the real winner's name was removed, Justin was revealed to be the winner of the competition where over a quarter-million votes were cast online. You can see the announcement here.

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Updated 04-22-2008 at 11:47 AM by Mark Goldhaber (Fixed link to Orlando Attractions Magazine)

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  1. Mark Goldhaber's Avatar
    According to numbers just released, Justin got nearly 200,000 votes, crushing David (almost 50,000) and Tripp (over 30,000).

    Thanks to everyone who answered our plea to vote early and often!
  2. olegc's Avatar
    OK Justin - earn your favors... When do we all get free passes! (ha ha)