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Realityland's David Koenig

Sleeping Beauty May Remain in Deep Freeze

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The Snow White exhibit in the lobby of DCA's animation building is scheduled to vanish April 27, but don't expect a replacement until the fall—if ever.
The hope was that the 120-piece exhibit of rare animation art would increase attendance at the facility. Instead, according to one source, attendance actually dropped.
The animation building's biggest draw, you see, has never been its interactive displays, but rather its expansive, air-conditioned lobby. "Guests missed the open space, plush seats, and the collage of scenes projected on the multitude of screens," the source said.
She said that Snow White's disappointing reception jeopardizes the exhibit originally planned to replace it—a 50th anniversary tribute to Sleeping Beauty.
The insider explained, “The costs of framing the artwork, reinstalling the security systems, and the extra cast members to patrol it might prevent it from happening."

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Updated 04-14-2008 at 02:53 PM by David Koenig



  1. olegc's Avatar
    while I love Disney art, especially historic pieces, I can't disagree with management on this one. DCA's attendance at locations is already hurting (until the changes come in 5 years). To make something DECREASE is bad news and should be discontinued. My guess is they should consider this type of activity to be part of "some sort of Gallery where it can be appreciated" oh, that's right, they gutted that too....
  2. dav's Avatar
    As always I reverently admire your attention to these details David, but I must insist that sometimes no matter the popularity of a proposed or retiring attraction, we have to continue to invest in the guest in ways that are unexpected. The 50th Anniversary of Sleeping beauty is a perfect opportunity to showcase this unique and necessary approach to attractions. Yes, anyone can build another rollercoaster, we believe that no one can reproduce or match the Disney brand of history. And such is the continuation of the beloved Disney Legacy; with what seems to perpetuate our timeless fascination with the parks, and bring more to it than a desire for fanciful vacations. But it is easily summed up that DisneyParks and their guests deserve to expect more, and should expect to see more than they deserve. This is accomplished when we do the unpopular and the amazing at the same time.

  3. bloodnswash's Avatar
    I will be arriving at the parks tomorrow. I will definitely be checking out the Snow White exhibit. I love when they have things like this. We go into DCA's animation building on every trip to see what new goodies are on display. It's really too bad that more people can't appreciate these types of exhibits. And it is also too bad that because so many don't appreciate them, that people like me, who do, have to be punished.
  4. blusilva's Avatar
    I'm someone who keeps up on what's going on in Disneyland and DCA on a fairly obsessive basis, and even I missed this story. I was surprised when I randomly walked into the Animation Building and ran across this lovely exhibit. As an animation buff, it was heaven - I actually got to see a Maurice Noble piece up close and personal! But if they managed to miss someone like me in their advertising of the exhibit, no wonder it was a "failure" for them. It's very sad, because I would have loved to see a Sleeping Beauty exhibit - Eyvind Earle is one of my favorite artists.
  5. carolinakid's Avatar
    I'm another Disney animation fan who loved the Snow White exhibit which I saw last December and who would have loved the one on Sleeping Beauty.It amazes me that most people would just prefer sitting in a cool lobby than perusing these precious works of art, but people are people. And I lament with the previous poster that with the closing of the Gallery there's no permanent place now to view these important pieces of Disney/American history! Hope some solution can be found!
  6. ificandream's Avatar
    I talked with a staff member and he indicated to me that the Sleeping Beauty exhibit was not off the boards and still under consideration. But he did say that Snow White did not go over as well as expected. Part of the reason, certainly, was the lack of information posted around the exhibits. For example, there were drawings of a blond SW and one who resembled Betty Boop (because some of the same artists were involved in both projects), but there was no mention of these two things anywhere. I think more people would have been interested had Disney taken the time to put a little more care in this exhibit.