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Disney Road Trip! Part 2 - Emergency Supplies

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Chance favors the prepared mind. – Louis Pasteur

As a second part of the Road Trip series, I thought I would share with you a list of things that I carry in my car to help take care of things that might come about during our road trip. I need to tell you up front, I do take quite a few things with me but I am going to split up this list into different categories of importance. Well, at least from my point of view.

Here are things that I think are the most important to pack for a road trip.

  • Duct tape. That’s right – the one thing I never leave home without. This stuff can repair radiator hoses, hold things in place, as well as many other uses. Get a roll of the good, strong stuff.
  • Quart of oil. (Placed in a zip lock bag.) Some cars dont use a drop of oil during a 3000 mile road trip. Some use a quart in 1/2 that time. While on the road, I check the oil every morning before we head out for the day and add oil when needed.
  • Jumper Cables. Because you never know if someone leaves a light on inside all night long.
  • Can of Fix-A-Flat or other sealant. This can really help in a pinch. Just remember – this is an emergency fix. Still need to get any leaking tire checked right away.
  • Screwdriver kit. I use one of those screwdrivers that are like a 6-in-one setups. A couple bucks at your local hardware or tool store.
  • Socket kit – I have a small set of sockets that stay in my car just in case.
  • Adjustable pliers and/or a crescent wrench.
  • Packet of fuses. I can’t tell you how many times I blew a fuse because of a faulty cable for a phone charger or DVD player.
  • Tire pressure gauge. Personally, I check tire pressures before I leave for any long trip. It will keep your tires safe and save you fuel.

Here are items that I carry, just in case. Not usually necessary, but just an idea.

  • Radiator Fix-a-Leak. I’m a bit paranoid but this stuff does work and can get you home.
  • Extra accessory belt. Considering that such a belt on modern cars do everything from run the water pump to power steering to the charging system, its a good to have. This is especially the case if you feel comfortable performing the repair on the fly.
  • Wire ties. Like duct tape, these are way more versatile than they get credit for.
  • Bottle of water. This can be for anything from filling up your windshield washer tank to an emergency fill of the radiator. Does not necessarily have to be a full gallon. Even a 2 liter bottle would work well in a pinch.
  • Lug wrench or a breaker bar with the proper size socket. Lets face it – most tire places tighten down wheels down so tight that even Mr. Incredible would have a hard time getting the lug nuts off with the factory-supplied tools. I have a 18″ breaker bar with sockets that can help me get even the most stubborn nuts loose. I also have a “cross-style” lug nut wrench that can help as well.
  • Small air compressor. This is because fix-a-flat is a temp fix, sometimes you just need a bit of inflation to “top off” your tires.

I know this looks like a lot to take with you. For me, I use a small cubby in the back of our SUV to store these items. I also store some items in the compartment with the jack. Ive even been known to store some of these items along with the spare tire. The thing is that while you hope you take care of everything before you leave, you want to try to be as prepared as possible just in case something does happen.

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