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Details of the new Selfie Stick ban coming to Disney Parks June 30

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It's been widely reported on social media that the Disney Parks will ban the use of so-called "selfie sticks" at the domestic and company-operated theme parks as soon as this weekend. We contacted Disney directly for the details of this new policy.

The ban goes into effect at Disneyland and Walt Disney World starting June 30, and at Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland starting July 1. The guest screening (bag check) process will be expanded to include selfie sticks. Guests found to have one will be given the option of returning the device to their car or hotel room, or will be offered the option of checking the device at a designated location near the front entrance. At the Disneyland Resort, this will be at Lost & Found outside Disney California Adventure. Guests will receive a claim tag, and can pick up their device after leaving the theme parks.

Guests found to be using a selfie stick inside the park will be escorted to Lost & Found to check their device, or given the option to return it to their car or hotel room.

The ban does not extend to Downtown Disney or the Resort Hotel areas, and does not change the policy regarding tripods.

Disney says the ban is necessary because, despite the signs posted at some attractions, and verbal instructions given at others, guests continue to use selfie sticks in an unsafe manner. "We strive to provide a great experience for the entire family, and unfortunately selfie sticks have become a growing safety concern for both our guests and cast.," said Disneyland Resort spokesperson Suzi Brown, echoing a statement from Walt Disney World's public relations department.

Just this Wednesday, California Screamin' was halted mid-ride when a passenger pulled out a selfie stick. California Screamin' is one of the locations that has a "no selfie sticks" sign in the queue.

Non-Disney retailers in Downtown Disney are being asked to discontinue sales of selfie sticks, if they have not already done so.

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  1. njtomasella's Avatar
    I was there in May, and everyone had one. I thought to myself, I want one. It was just me and my husband and trying to take pictures of the 2 of us is not easy. Thought it was a great idea. I bought one for our trip in December. Oh well. I guess if people can't follow the rules everyone has to suffer.