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Realityland's David Koenig

Haunted Mansion May Lose Dead Space

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The Hatbox Ghost may be returning to Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, but another longtime feature might be disappearing.

The scuttlebutt among cast members is that Walt Disney Imagineering has been eyeing the attraction’s original pet cemetery, which is located on the north backstage side of the building.

The cemetery is the final resting place of Stripey the skunk, Bully the bullfrog, Big Jake the dog, and Miss Kitty the cat.

Most guests, apart from those who are “backdoored” around the side of the building, don’t even know it exists.

Team Disney Anaheim considers the area “dead space.” So, WDI is considering demolishing the cemetery in order to make it a parking lot for guest ECVs.

The pet graveyard, admitted one cast member, “is not much, but it is something guests often ask about and request to see,” adding that “it is part of the Mansion’s history.”

The area was originally built about 35 years ago. In 1993, a larger pet cemetery was added on-stage, in front of the Mansion.

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  1. MonoAutoRail's Avatar
    Too bad! A better use of Imagineering time would be to do something with the Mansion's real dead space: the loading area. What sort of lavish Mansion has a big gaping empty space at the foot of a grand staircase?
  2. Disneylandfanguy's Avatar
    I remember when Mr. Koenig reported on things such as the park's terrible safety standards of the late '90s, which lead to the horrific and fatal Sailing Ship Colombia accident. Now that the park's safety standards have improved, there are only reports on inconsequential things such as the rumored removal of something that is "off-stage" and most guests will have never seen, or even know existed.
    I wonder if Mr. Koenig has ever thought of all of the major changes that the park has gone through before his lifetime? (Please do not mock me, it is a legitimate question)

    This news is a shame yes, but is it not important to have space for guests with EVCs? I swear, no matter what the park does, they just can't win in the eyes of the Internet watchdogs.