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runDisney races are now BOYM - Bring your own Mylar

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runDisney has implemented a new policy at their races - mylar blankets (the ones given post-race to prevent loss of body temp) will no longer be provided to race participants with two exceptions. One - if you buy a massage, you get a blanket. Two - if you are injured during the race you may get a blanket (not guaranteed). Wow... how cheap can you get?

This was especially interesting after the WDW Marathon where it was cool and rainy which sent race finishers on a hunt for a mylar. Of course, it didn't help that several of us were sent to three different locations until we finally found someone who directed us to purchase a massage if we wanted one.

Kind of a bummer that we pay more and more every year for runDisney races and yet such a simple (but important) post-race process such as providing mylars is cut.

So, heads up to anyone doing an up-coming runDisney race. It's strictly BYOM from this point on!

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  1. olegc's Avatar
    But you get to enjoy such a wonderful Disney Experience you can't get anywhere else!!!!
  2. RunningFool's Avatar
    Credit to runDisney - they do listen. Mylar blankets appeared again this morning after the Star Wars Half Marathon to very grateful race participants. Thank you runDisney!