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Posting race bibs on social media

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As we enjoy the WDW Marathon weekend and look forward to all the upcoming races in 2015, keep in mind that posting a picture of your race bib (with name and number legible) on social media sites prior to the race is an open invitation for a race bandit to print out the bib and run for free under your name. Yup. For free. And you paid how much to run that race?

As we have seen in recent media stories, this type of activity is becoming more common with the advent of more sophisticated printers as well as the practice of posting pictures of actual bibs on the web prior to race day. The copies are good enough to get through security and into the race.

And bandits are even taking to social medial to gloat on their exploits and have even been known to pose for pictures wearing stolen bibs during the race. There is a current Instagram posting bragging about running Dopey for free with pictures of the medals they have stolen (yes, stolen) so far. While they won't end up with the Challenge medals (all Challengers had their picture taken at the expo which will be matched at each race finish), they could still potentially walk away with four free race medals that cost the rest of us hundreds of dollars to obtain. Not to mention all the race resources they are using for free as well.

So, while it's fun to share exciting life milestones with friends and family on social media, reconsider posting your race bibs. That way, when you see pictures from the race, you'll be the only one wearing your race number in the photos.

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