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Realityland's David Koenig

New Year's Parking Surprise for Cast Members

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So what if cast members had to go through what guests do when they enter a Disneyland parking lot or parking structure? They found out this past Sunday, and reports are they didn’t like it one bit.

Evidently, employees with afternoon and closing shifts have been complaining to management about how much time they have to spend searching for a parking spot in the Katella Cast Member Lot (KCML). So starting Dec. 28, Team Disney Anaheim and Resort Transportation began an unannounced, week-long “test” to park cast members, one at a time, to make sure every space was filled, just like guests.

As employees turned off Katella Avenue and before they passed the guard shack entering the lot, they were met with a long line of cars and cones. Parking lot attendants directed cast members up and down specific rows and signaled them to specific spots.

“From the moment you enter KCML, cast members can expect to add about 20 minutes more to their commute time to Harbor Pointe,” one worker said. “What has angered cast members is the lack of communication between TDA and the hourlies. I wouldn’t be so pissed if we were warned that this was going to happen so I could leave home earlier.”

We’ll see if the new set-up goes any smoother as the week progresses... and if TDA chooses to continue the practice after Jan. 4.

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