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Realityland's David Koenig

What Will Club 33's New Address Be?

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Since, according to Disney folklore, Club 33 derives its name from the restaurantís address on Royal Street, Disneyland has decided to retain the address as it relocates the restaurantís main entrance.

A shiny new ď33Ē plaque has been produced in the sign shop and will be installed in time for the clubís July 18 reopening following a six-month makeover.

But thereís a catch. Club 33ís existing entrance is located between the Blue Bayou (31 Royal Street) and Le Bat en Rouge (35 Royal Street). The new entrance is in the old LíOrnement Magique, on the other side of Le Bat en Rouge. Complicating matters, the new entrance is technically not even on Royal Street. Itís actually at 29 Orleans Street and its new lobby (the Court of Angels) sits at 27 Orleans Street.

Disneyland could just leave the numbers out of sequence. But awkward doesnít sit real well with Disney, so managers are seriously considering renumbering all the stores on Royal Street. (Or, at the very least, lowering the numbers of the Blue Bayou and Le Bat. Pieces of Eight is 25 Royal Street, but 27 and 29 are open.)

Iíve got a suggestion thatís even more geographically accurate: simply change the address of Club 33 to 33 Orleans Street.

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  1. DwarfPlanet's Avatar
    But that would be to simple David
  2. RStar's Avatar
    I was wondering about that myself! I knew the name "Club 33" wouldn't change, but I knew the movement might be an issue. What is to become of the old entrance door?