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Dumbo Double Dare Training - Week Eight

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Itís live! Go! Go! Go! ~ Big Bang Theory

I know the Big Bang Theory link above has been shared previously on Team MousePlanet but given last weekís incredibly fast sell-out of the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend events, itís a scene that bears another view. If you havenít yet watched it, Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard are trying to secure tickets to Comic Con via the web and are having little success. Welcome to the joy of online registration. They must have been using

That scene was no doubt played out in numerous home and work places last Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. EST / 9:00 a.m. PST when opened the Star Wars registration links. Well, they opened some of the links. Apparently, there was a wee bitty issue with the Star Wars 10k link which didnít go live until 18 minutes after registration opened. Once it opened and everyone started breathing again, the entire complement of events was sold out around two hours. As Lani first reported in the Team MousePlanet Star Wars Half Marathon weekend discussion forum, at 9:19 a.m. PST the half marathon and 5k were already at 50% capacity; it took just 25 minutes to sell out all the Rebel Challenge spots. Crazy.

I bring this topic up as a reminder to anyone thinking about participating in a runDisney event - do the event for the fun and for the experience. If you expect to run fast and set a personal record, well, you may be disappointed. As we have seen over and over, the days of runDisney events taking weeks if not months to sell out are pretty much long gone. In the past two years, there has been a marked increase in participation at runDisney events no matter the cost which have increased exponentially; there are thousands and thousands of folks just like you and me who dream of running or walking a runDisney race. And as interest in runDisney events has grown so have the number of participants. In 2013, almost 16,000 participants finished the Disneyland Half Marathon which was up from just over 9,000 at the inaugural event in 2006. There isnít a runDisney course that isnít crowded and just a bit crazy. Donít get me wrong, participating in a runDisney event can be a wonderful and amazing experience but if youíre looking for fast, unless youíre in the first couple start corrals, youíre looking at the wrong event.

So as you are preparing for your runDisney race, look at these events as an experience to be savored and enjoyed with thousands of your new best friends. Take a camera. Stop for pictures. People watch. Just save expectations of PRs for next time at a smaller, more manageable event.

As we go, go, go into week eight of the Dumbo Double Dare training program, itís time to add in an extra day of running / walking. Thatís right, starting this week and continuing every even week we now have four training days on the schedule with the long run moving to Sunday. You will also notice the return of the Magic Mile (MM). If you would like a refresher on including a MM in your training, please see Dumbo Double Dare Week Six for all the details. And as always, please remember that the extras shown on the training plan are not from Galloway but are my own additions to the program.

Keep up the great work. We are almost halfway through Gallowayís Dumbo Double Dare training program!

  • Monday Ė Barre3 (video)
  • Tuesday Ė 30 to 45 minutes running
  • Wednesday - weight training
  • Thursday - 30 to 45 minutes running (travel)
  • Friday - Barre3
  • Saturday Ė 1 mile run
  • Sunday Ė 7 miles with MM

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