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Dumbo Double Dare Training - Week Six

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"Being an athlete is a state of mind which is not bound by age, performance or place in the running pack." Jeff Galloway, Galloway's Book on Running

If you are following this blog and are working through Jeff Galloway's training program with me, you will note that this is the first "Magic Mile" (MM) week. Instead of me trying to muddle my way through an explanation, I've provided Jeff's description of a MM so you know exactly how to add a one to your weekend workout.

Magic Mile:From the 2014 Dumbo Double Dare Training Program

I suggest doing this after the standard warmup on the weekends noted on the schedule. By the end of the training program you want to run a time of 11:15 or faster to predict an average pace of 16 minutes per mile or less on race day.

The “Magic Mile” time trial (MM) is a reality check on your goal pace on race day, and has been the best predictor of finishing under the race time limit.

Use the standard warmup (walk for 3-5 minutes, then, run for a few seconds and walk for a minute for 5 minutes. Then, gradually increase the amount of running,
reducing the amount of walking for 5 minutes—until you reach the ratio that feels comfortable for you, on that day)

Run around a track if at all possible (or a very accurately measured one mile segment)

Time yourself for 4 laps (1600 meters). Start the watch at the beginning, and keep it running until you cross the finish at 1.0 miles.

On the first MM, don’t run all-out: run at a pace that is slightly faster than your current gentle pace.

Only one MM is done on each day it is assigned.

On each successive MM (usually 2-3 weeks later), your mission is to beat the previous best time.

Don’t ever run so hard that you hurt your feet, knees, etc. Maintain a short stride, picking up the cadence or turnover to run faster.

After you have run 3 of these (not at one time—on different weekends) you’ll see progress and will run them hard enough so that you are huffing and puffing during the second half. Try walking for about 10-30 seconds after each lap during the MM. Most beginning runners record a faster time when taking short breaks.

Predicted All-Out Effort Pace: Take your best current MM time and multiply by 1.4. This is the fastest pace you could currently expect to run under ideal conditions per mile in the marathon.

*Long run pace: should be at least 2 minutes slower than the current predicted marathon pace.

*Adjust for temperature: At 70F, slow the pace by an additional minute per mile. At 80F, slow down another minute per mile

Week Six Schedule:

Enjoy a light week (and the first Magic Mile); next week we make a big jump on the long run!

Remember, any additional training noted below such as Barre3 or weight training are my own additions to Jeff's program.

  • Monday – Barre3 (travel)
  • Tuesday – 30 to 45 minutes running
  • Wednesday - weight training
  • Thursday - 30 to 45 minutes running (travel)
  • Friday - Barre3
  • Saturday – 4 mile run (MM) (sneaking in a half marathon today...)
  • Sunday – Rest

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