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Realityland's David Koenig

Disneyland Tips Its Hand on Coming Price Hikes?

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Just after the first of the year, several cast members indicated to me that they’d heard this year’s annual admission price hike would come in early May. Now that we’re weeks—if not days—away, 25¢ tea leaves are indicating that their prediction may be spot on.

Said tea leaves are Outdoor Vending’s move yesterday to increase the price of most of their concessions by a quarter. (Not everything increased. For example, popcorn in a commemorative bucket went from $6 to $6.25, but a regular box of popcorn stayed at $4.)

One in-park price watcher, however, claims history shows additional increases are on the way. “It has been long held that when ODV raises their prices, merchandise and food will follow, culminating in an admission hike,” she said.

To be honest, this is a trend I’ve never noticed before. But we should know in rather short order if that innocuous extra quarter will translate into another $10 a day the average guest will end up spending at the end of an average visit.

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  1. olegc's Avatar
    I still can't believe how the park can charge full price when 3 or 4 major attractions are in refurb, particularly when they are targeting multi-day guests and not day visitors. I know - its a rhetorical statement since Disney will keep doing whatever it wants because people keep coming. however, most guests are not in the know enough to plan their vacation and to check refurb schedules. If it is true that admission may become variable based on time of year, then do the right thing and hold the line when its major refurb season. Disney maintenance is starting to become the CalTrans of theme park operations. (always working on something).
  2. spectromen's Avatar
    Completely unreal. Once per year, I can sort of understand but twice is just so in-your-face gouging that it's amazing anyone shows up anymore.
  3. RStar's Avatar
    Walt Disney once told a story of being a young boy, and walking past an amusment park on his way home from school. He would longingly peer through the bars, but his family could never afford for him to walk through those gates. I know a lot of people whose kids can never go to Disneyland now. When I was a kid, we didn't have much money, but we still managed to go once every year or so. Now, as the middle class shrinks, only the upper middle class can manage to make a real vacation out of it. Walt is spinning in his grave, I'm sure....
  4. Jimbo996's Avatar
    With concessions going up in price, perhaps it is time for Disneyland to have a Dining Plan. It worked very well when I went to Disney World a few months ago. The concession prices didn't bother me since the Dining Plan included the snacks, but they must be $5 or under, which is easily met for most items except for the souvenir buckets, cups, or glassware.