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Dumbo Double Dare Training - Week One

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"No matter how slow I run, I'm still faster than my couch." -Anonymous

Itís time to crank up the Ďhuman hamster wheelí at the hotel, put on some good music, and start training for the 2nd annual Dumbo Double Dare, the 19.3 mile challenge held during the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend (22.4 miles if you add in the 5k). Thatís right weíre just nineteen short weeks away from running yet again through the Happiest Place on Earth. And I canít wait!

Itís been two months since the last runDisney event and four months since the fateful WDW Marathon Sunday when, with only seven miles left to go in the inaugural Dopey Challenge, the left leg decided to painfully tell me enough was enough. While I slooooowly finished the marathon (and yes, another 22.4 miles the following weekend in Disneyland to keep my Tinker Bell Half Marathon legacy potential in place), itís been a long couple of months of hobbling and time spent visiting with doctors and a physical therapist.

But just in time for spring weather, things are looking up and Iím taking slow steps back to running. Really slow steps. You know, the kind of slow steps (and gasping sounds) that cause other runners who pass you to give you a sideways glance making sure youíre ok. Man, itís amazing how fast the body declines without regular exercise. But the steps Iím taking are forward steps and that means Iím heading in the right direction. Fortunately, the timing is perfect to start training and this time around Iím going to give the Jeff Galloway Dumbo Double Dare training plan a try. A running/ walking program is literally just what the doctor ordered.

So, with my new best friend (KT Tape) on board, itís time to start the miles. This week its 30 minutes of running on Tuesday and Thursday (no distance Ė just time) with a three mile run on Saturday. Iím shooting for an interval pace of run 3 minutes/ walk 1 minute; weíll see if that's wishful thinking or not.

In addition to running, Iíve got to strengthen the left leg which is now considerably weaker than the right to avoid further injury, so there will be weight training sessions on Wednesday and Friday as well as daily strengthening exercises as prescribed by the PT. And of course, flexibility is also key so a Friday Barre3 session is on tap as well. Keep in mind that strength training and flexibility workouts are not part of Galloway's training plan but are necessary additions to my own training program.

Join me here each week for training tips and thoughts as we train for the 2014 Dumbo Double Dare!

Monday - Barre3 (DVD)
Tuesday - 30 minutes running
Wednesday - weight training
Thursday - 30 minutes running (travel)
Friday - Barre3 (Studio)
Saturday - 3 mile run
Sunday - Rest (travel)

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