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Realityland's David Koenig

The Critters Take Over Splash Mountain

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One night several weeks back, during the first week that Splash Mountain reopened after a lengthy winter rehab, the attraction broke down. Maintenance personnel arrived to correct the problem, and as they worked with ride operators to begin start-up procedures, an access panel in the ceiling of the control tower suddenly popped open and a live raccoon tumbled out—right on top of one of the cast members.

The employees in the tower were frightened out of their wits. The cast member received several scratches from the critter as she fell on top of him. I say “she,” because soon after they discovered two baby coons in the ceiling. Splash Mountain remained down for the rest of the evening as Horticulture and Animal Control were called in. The cast member was not seriously harmed, but received a rabies shot as a precaution.

Apparently, after a search inside the mountain, several more raccoons and opposums were found to have taken up residence.

To memorialize the unexpected visitor, a poster with a picture of a raccoon now hangs inside Splash Mountain.

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  1. DwarfPlanet's Avatar
    Title should have been "Disney throws out homeless looking for employment"
  2. DisneyGator's Avatar
    Everyone's trying to make it in Hollywood!