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Realityland's David Koenig

Adieu, Chalet

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After sitting empty for 19 years, Disney's last remaining Skyway station has been scheduled for demolition.

Disneyland cast members have been notified by management that the 57-year-old Fantasyland Skyway station will be torn down after the Christmas season. The reason they were given was that WDI has no plans for the structure and was not interested in keeping it any longer.

“I took one last peek around, and it is in bad shape, literally rotting away,” bemoaned one employee. “What a shame.”

The chalet is Disney’s last recognizable Skyway station. Anaheim’s Tomorrowland station was disfigured beyond recognition years ago. Shortly after closing its Skyway in 1998, Tokyo Disneyland yanked out its Fantasyland chalet and repurposed its Tomorrowland station into a store.

In Florida, the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland station was torn down in 2009, and last year its Fantasyland station was leveled to make room for a Tangled-themed bathroom/stroller parking area.

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  1. oregontraveler's Avatar
    With the recent loss of the Court Of Angels, this one doesn't sting as much. However, even with that mysterious building sitting up there all alone, I can't help but wonder what could have replaced the station. Although I know that ADA rules would come into play at some point. Not so much as an attraction, but something like a boutique store or coffee stand, that would have a nice view of Fantasyland.

    I have noticed in the last 12 years, that the foilage has grown out much more and the station is a little harder to spot.
  2. spectromen's Avatar
    Time to go get some pictures; not that there's much visible to see. RIP
  3. olegc's Avatar
    For me - due to the lack of maintenance on it - I knew this was inevitable. Sad - but not to the point where I am going to miss it. With the new "austerity" mindset from the bean counters since MyMagic+ has failed to deliver in the 1st cut I have no doubt that management will make lots of unpopular decisions to come. So long Chalet - we hardly knew ye (lately, anyway).
  4. Jeff Kober's Avatar
    What I miss most is the view, you could look out over Fantasyland and get a great view.

    It seems that since Rapunzel was moved out to make room for the Frozen meet 'n' greet, that it would be fun to see some Tangled replacement located here. It wouldn't take a lot of space, and you could play a lot with forced perspective.
  5. ASAP17's Avatar
    Can anyone confirm this is finally getting destroyed with Star Wars Land? Hear it's still been sitting there since this was announced.