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Realityland's David Koenig

Court Gets Brief Reprieve

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Due to a sudden, unexpected rise in traffic to bid farewell to the Court of Angels, Disneyland has pushed back the closure of the New Orleans Square nook by one week.

According to one source, “The volume of emails, letters and phone calls caught TDA (Team Disney Anaheim) off guard. Many of the suits took this with a mixture of disgust and confusion. Disgust in that the guests spoke out, and the bad publicity it has generated. Confusion over how a small quiet courtyard can generate such emotion from people.”

We’ll see this weekend if TDA sticks to the new timetable.

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  1. olegc's Avatar
    wow - not too much of an indictment of their management of park elements and resources, is it.
  2. LtPowers's Avatar
    It's kind of surprising that the suits would not already be aware that everything with the Disney name on it generates emotion from people, no matter how underused or expensive it may be to maintain.
  3. DwarfPlanet's Avatar
    Suits only look at the dollars of changing Club 33. The court doesn't give them $$ signs flashing in front of their eyes. Change can be good, in this case it's not.
  4. spectromen's Avatar
    Sounds to me like none of those Suits have been around more than 5 years, or they would have known better.