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Dopey Challenge Training - Week One

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Welcome to Week One of the Dopey Challenge training program! Some of you may have followed my blog last year as I prepped for my ‘one and done’ full marathon at WDW by following Hal Higdon’s marathon training program. While my training literally came to a crashing halt at the 2013 Tower of Terror 10 Miler thanks to an errant speed bump, I slowly but successfully completed the 2014 WDW Marathon and happily ‘retired’ from the full distance with my goal met. One and done lasted until runDisney announced the inaugural Dopy Challenge. Four days. Four running events. Six new bling-tastic medals. How could I NOT give it a shot?

So, just a week after the heat and humidity of the Dumbo Double Dare weekend in Disneyland had me dealing with the impact of severe heat exhaustion and a nasty kennel cough, it’s time to start working through 18 weeks of running, strength , and cross-training to prep for 48.6 miles in January. And to make it even more fun, I will be adding another 22.4 miles (and three more medals) to the total the following week at the Tinker Bell as I finish the 5k, 10k, and half marathon in Disneyland as well. Let’s just call it an even 71 miles in 11 days. Yes, I am indeed the RunningFool.

As in 2013, I again turned to Hal Higdon and will be following his Dopey training plan with appropriate modifications where necessary to accommodate my business travel and personal schedule. Based on my own physical challenges, I am also adding in three days of stretching and flexibility training each week in the form of Barre3 as well as regularly scheduled sport massage to help get the kinks out.

The next 18 weeks should be complicated, challenging, crazy and above all, fun. After earning a personal worst at Disneyland last week I did question my sanity and at one point in the half I swore I would never run again (true disclosure - I swore a few other things as well…) but I wouldn’t be doing the Dopey if I didn’t love running and believe that I can complete it standing upright and smiling.

Whether you are taking on the Dopey distance yourself or are just curious as to what it takes to train for 48.6 miles in a weekend, follow me here every Sunday as I recap the previous week’s efforts and post the coming week’s plan. Drop me a note and tell me how your training is going. Join the Team MousePlanet forum for support and guidance as well.

I look forward to sharing the journey and to hearing from you.

Training Week One –

Monday September 9th – (rest) / Barre3 (flexibility and stretching)

Tuesday September 10th – 3 miles / Upper-body strength training

Wednesday September 11th – 5 miles / Barre3

Thursday September 12th – 3 miles / Lower-body strength training

Friday September 13th – (rest) / Barre3

Saturday September 14th – 3 miles / Chest/Back/Core training

Sunday September 15th – 13.1 miles (split between 5 in the a.m. and 8.1 in the p.m.) due to schedule

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