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Realityland's David Koenig

Candlelight Down to a Flicker?

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Disneyland has just published its internal calendar for special events in December and is showing just two evenings of Candlelight Processional, December 7 and 8—down from 40 performances last year over 20 nights.

Unfortunately, every cast member you ask has a different explanation:

• The cutback is primarily due to cost and the event’s heavy impact on park operations.

• New resort president Michael Colglazier believes that having Candlelight on so many nights diminishes its magic.

• Be patient. More dates will be announced shortly.

• These are just the dates for Disneyland, in Town Square. Other performances may be added at DCA’s Hyperion Theater (although nothing is currently shown on the DCA calendar).

Time will tell what Disney plans—and just how hot a ticket Dec. 7 & 8 will be.

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  1. Toocherie's Avatar
    As much as I think the dynamic would be very different, I would much rather they add nights at the Hyperion rather than just have two nights on Main Street or have twenty nights on Main Street. I think the Cast Members work too hard to just have two nights of performances and I like that having additional nights gives more local choirs the chance to perform.
  2. olegc's Avatar
    I trulu enjoyed being able to get a seat for candlelight last year because there were so many nights - BUT - I agree. Too many on Main St impacts the overall park ops. I know last year they talked about the Hyperion for this year. However, the additional rumor of having a hard ticket for the Christmas Party makes me wonder if it will be Hyperion or Main St for the private parties.
  3. spectromen's Avatar
    Doesn't bother me; two nights is the historic offering and last year was honestly just too many times. It was like when you walk into the MK at WDW and that tacky castle stage show is ALWAYS going on.