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So much Disney to do! :)

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I realized I never came back to talk about our trip to CA last summer and our one, AMAZING, day at the parks! It was July. It was HOT! It was CROWDED! It was FUN! I decided that no matter what, you make the best of Disneyland in any form. I had a great time that one November, just my son and I. Hardly and crowds, we did what we wanted. It was great. Then last year, we had a hurried one day in the middle of the busy season in 98 degree heat and we still loved it, just didn't relax as much.

The big thing we got to see: the new Carsland. It was only a month old at the time and just wonderful! Like stepping into the movie. We did as I had read here on Mouseplanet and got our FP's for Radiator Springs Racers first thing. Even then, after a 15 minute wait for the passes, we got to go around noon! We tried all the cone-coctions they sell to eat at the Cozy Cones. Pretty darn good and had a great time on RSR! FUN ride! We did our favorites at DCA and then headed over to DL around 1:00. After a trip on Star Tours, we realized we were all very hot and very hungry. Those two things, combined with exsessive crowds in DL (it always feels tighter there than at DCA) were leading to grumpies setting in. After a break, we were ready to hit the park once again and enjoyed the day until just after dinner. We headed back to DCA to see Carsland all lit up with the neon. SO COOL! My son got to join a dance party and had a blast.

Instead of Wonderful World of Color, we did the Mad T-Party. WOW! That was fun! Very well executed entertainment over there. We didn't expect that. Glad we went.

We also, earlier in the day, got asked to do a live survey backstage. VERY fun and they gave us free FP's to anything (accept RSR - darn!) We ended up taking three more people with us to Soarin' since the pass was for six. It was fun to spread a little magic. Then we left as they pushed us out of the park. Beginning to end, a very good day.


I can't believe my luck. Of course, we are visiting family down in LA and since we will be going during the D23 Expo, I have to go!!!! My Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet group will be going down there and having a special meet up at the parks before the Expo, so I "have to" go, don't I? No excuses! My in-laws found out what we are are doing and my step-FIL said he wanted to check out the Expo too. SO! Now we are sharing a hotel room with them and ALL going to Disneyland. Two whole days there and Expo. WOW! This is amazing! With some help from family, we are going to make this trip work. I'm so lucky!

Now I'm in full planning mode. Not that I'm ever NOT in planning mode, as that is what I do for everyone else going to Disneyland too! Even though I'm not an actual agent right now, my neighbors have all discovered my talent and spread the word about my planning skills. I don't get paid (but maybe a Starbucks card now and then), but it keeps me sharp and of course, I love it.

EEEEP! Just the thought of Disney keeps me going everyday. Life hasn't been easy for the past several years. Financial strains suck, but we always manage to keep a little happy in our lives and hope for a trip to DLR keeps me happy.

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