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Realityland's David Koenig

No Swing for You

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The latest edition of the cast member guide “Resort Today” implies that the return of swing dancing to Carnation Plaza Gardens... er, I mean Fantasy Faire... is, at best, unlikely.

Per this weekend’s “Resort Today”: “If a Guest asks whether swing dancing will return to the new location, please share with them that we know this venue has a long history of hosting swing dancers, and we will continue to look at the opportunity to return swing dancing to Disneyland Park. In the meantime, we invite our Guests to continue to enjoy swing dancing at Downtown Disney.”

Translation: “Don't hold your breath.”

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  1. mkraemer's Avatar
    As Captain Barbossa would say, "Means no."
  2. Disneylandfanguy's Avatar
    Mr. Koeing, I do not like your cynical writing style. Judging from photos, you appear to be a nice guy, but you write in a very mean-spirited, sharp-tongued, cynical style.

    Honestly, do you EVER report on positive news, or do you just focus on the negative so you can attract readers?

    In this blog post, you seem so sure of yourself, so arrogant. You don't even mention that you might get proven wrong.

    I recently heard from another Disney fan news site, on the subject of swing dancing;

    "Disneyland wants to wait to see how well Fantasy Faire draws crowds after dark before making that decision."

    NEVER rule anything out. Otherwise you may have to eat your words later. It is a fact that you have been wrong before.

    The fact that you dislike change so much, means that you are against Walt's wish for the park. As cliché as it has become, It's a FACT that Walt WANTED the park to change. You have written many times over the years how you love Walt Disney, but that is apparently just a farce. You obviously do not believe in Walt's wish for the park to change and evolve.
    Updated 03-15-2013 at 09:36 AM by Disneylandfanguy
  3. DwarfPlanet's Avatar
    LOL, now I see the reason for the 'Play the Walt Card" article.