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Training for the 20th Anniversary WDW Marathon - Week Three

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Well, I have to say week two went MUCH better than week one even with all the associated work and school crazies! Although I will never be a fan of using the indoor hamster wheel for a workout, the opportunity to take advantage of a very nice hotel gym is a benefit that cannot be overlooked or downplayed. It sure beats running at O’Hare Airport and/or running in the dark in downtown Chicago. And I did get to play outdoors on Saturday in the beautiful Pacific Northwest fall weather.

Given the fact I’m the majority of my long runs will be alone and unsupported except for an occasional neighborhood lemonade stand, I have finally given in and purchased a fuel belt to carry supplies while I’m out on the road. I tried my first run with the belt and honestly I feel like a camel. Or a pack mule. Or both. This will definitely take some getting used to. On the plus side, having both chocolate Cliff Shots and water on board sure came in handy during my long Saturday run. On the other side, it’s going to take a few runs to learn to gracefully extract said nummy chocolate Cliff Shots and water bottles without looking like I’m wrestling with myself as I run down the road. Patience and practice will hopefully pay off.

The question I’ve been researching this week is whether or not to wear my new fuel belt during the marathon. From previous half marathons I’ve noticed participants wearing everything from belts to backpacks but in the past I’ve only carried along a half-full water bottle which I drop at the first water station. The marathon distance will no doubt be different but given runDisney events are usually very well stocked all along the course is carrying your own beverage necessary? Apparently it’s a ‘depends’ kind of answer.

If you have a preference for a special beverage that is not served along the course (or have not trained with the beverage d’jour that is offered) then yes, carrying your own supply may help alleviate potential, ahem, “stomach distress” that may occur if you try something new. Depending on your pace, there may also be a good argument for going ‘byob’ so as to make sure that those in the first corrals haven’t snagged it all which may happen at less well run events but I’ve never heard runDisney having that issue (a certain Rock n’ Roll event held last December does however come to mind). Any votes for or against bringing your own beverage along on the marathon from my fellow running fools?

Training Plan

Week Three in the training program will be challenging with travel for both work and to Orlando for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 Miler Weekend but I’m up to the challenge. Can’t wait for next weekend in Florida!

• Monday September 24th – / rest
• Tuesday September 25th – 3 mile run /
• Wednesday September 26th – travel day / rest
• Thursday September 27th – travel day /
• Friday September 28th – 3 mile run / / screaming down rides at WDW
• Saturday September 29th – 5k (a.m.) / screaming down rides at WDW/ 10 Miler (p.m.)
• Sunday September 30th – recovering from early morning end to 10 Miler party /enjoying one last tour around the park (with the inaugural medal of course)/ travel (evening)

Total miles for the week: 16.1

Hmmmm of the Week: I recently read in The Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon and Half Marathon Training that running on a treadmill can not only bore you to death but can potentially cause real physical issues as well. The authors state “When you’re outside, your calf muscles produce 90% of the power needed to propel you forward. On the treadmill, the force is cut in half meaning the smaller stabilizer muscles in the lower limbs don’t have to work as hard. If you’ve been on a treadmill and then suddenly start running outside, your calves won’t be accustomed to generating that much force making you vulnerable to injuries such as plantar fasciitis.” Ok. Good to know. I’m going to make sure my long weekend runs are outside on the roads no matter the weather!

As always, drop me a note to tell me how your marathon training is coming along or if you have suggestions of things to try. I hope to see some of you this weekend in Walt Disney World at the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 Miler Weekend!

Foolishly yours

The RunningFool

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