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  1. Star Tours: Early Departure Video

    Editors of the Disney Parks Blog invited 1200 of their readers (and one guest each) to take an early trip on Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. David Koenig and I chat with the first three groups in line before and after they ride and get the initial reactions from the first people off the first Star Speeder 1000.

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  2. Photos from the Star Tours Early Departure Event at Disneyland

    This morning 2400 people were the first to experience the new Star Tours at Disneyland. A program called "Star Tours Early Departure" gave 1200 Disneyland Blog readers with a guest the chance to be the first to experience the West Coast version of the attraction.

    Star Tours Early Departure guests wait to enter the esplanade


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  3. Star Tours: The Adventure Corrected

    Some things suck about getting old, particularly for theme park visitors. In a post-PeopleMover world, there are a lot fewer options for those of us who appreciate rides for the whole family. Ever since reaching the infirmed old age of 35, Iím increasingly left dizzy by eye-popping 3-D movies, left battered by extreme coasters and simulators, and left nauseous by the parksí greasy food options. Iíve ridden Mission: Space once, and wonít be back.

    So I figured that modernizing Star ...
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