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  1. Where to blog?

    With the recent upgrade to MP, and with the inclusion of a blogging option, it makes me wonder...
    Should I blog here
    should I continue to blog over at MySpace?

    You would think this is an easy question to answer, right? After all, blogging is blogging and I really does not bother me what others think about my opinions. (Dont read that as a hostile comment, its just that I dont blog for the benefit of others.) The fact is that I blog for many different reasons. ...
  2. New Year's Resolutions...or Not

    An oldie but a goodie (from 2005- naughty words changed...)

    As the new year rolls around, I have a list of resolutions which I hope to keep (unlike the last 40 years when I busted through them within the first 36 hours). What are my resolutions, you ask?

    1. Never-mind.

    But I am going to talk about this whole business of resolutions. Who out there has never made one? Anyone? Anyone? Who out there has never broken one? That's right. ...
  3. Cruising With the Niwels: The Convincing

    I've been wanting to go back on DCL since my last trip in 2004. I knew DH would have a wonderful time, but he was a skeptic. Disney? Kids? A week?

    Luckily, me being me, I found a lot of reviews, posts and books pointing out how adult-friendly the line is -- of course hubby didn't believe me when *I* told him that from my perspective (it helped to have the proof).

    Finally, the cherry on the sundae was the Travel Channel. Thank goodness for DVR. I recorded the special ...

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    October Disney Cruise
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