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  1. Walt Disney World Monorails crash, killing one

    At approximately 2:00 this morning, Monorail Pink collided with Monorail Purple at the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC), killing Austin Wuennenberg, 21, the pilot of Monorail Purple. The pilot of Monorail Pink was injured in the accident, but the six park guests aboard Monorail Purple were not injured.

    Austin Wuennenberg's profile photo on Facebook.

    This is the first ...

    Updated 07-05-2009 at 12:03 PM by Mark Goldhaber (Continuing updates as information becomes available.)

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  2. Magic Turns Tragic

    I had barely set foot on Disney World property when I learned of this morning's fatal Monorail crash. The pilot, just 21, trapped in a stationary Monorail as a second vehicle backed into his cockpit. Attractions like the Monorail (in fact, ESPECIALLY the Monorail) are loaded with safety devices and procedures to ensure such mishaps are rare. In fact, WDW hasn't suffered a major multi-train collision for 35 years. And today's was the first WDW ride operator to be killed on site. (In 2007, an Animal ...
  3. Monorails' New Safety Procedures

    Walt Disney World Monorail service resumed about 2:00 yesterday afternoon, 36 hours after a collision that took the life of one driver. New safety measures that have been instituted support my suspicion of how the accident occurred: The drivers of the two Monorails were mistakenly led to believe that the spur track switch had been flipped so the first driver could safely back Monorail Pink onto the spur line, so both drivers disabled their anti-collision systems, allowing the off-duty Pink to back ...

    Updated 07-07-2009 at 07:54 PM by David Koenig

  4. NTSB: Driver of Monorail Purple tried to avoid crash

    Austin Wuennenberg, the monorail operator killed in Sunday morning's accident, may have helped to keep the passengers on Monorail Purple from injury.

    The National Transportation Safety Board released a "factual information" media advisory today related to its investigation into the collision. The facts appear to be very similar to those that were reported in Monday's Walt Disney World Update and Tuesday's MouseStation Podcast.

    Here's a map to let you follow along. Satellite ...
  5. Behind the scenes of the World of Color

    Several weeks ago I attended a media event at Disney's California Adventure, and found myself waiting outside Toy Story Midway Mania with a cluster of Disney publicists and marketing folks. As we waited, we couldn't help but look out over the massive construction project taking shape in Paradise Bay, and I remarked to one of the publicists that I would really like the opportunity to walk the project with Steven Davison, creator of the upcoming World of Color show, and have him tell me just what ...

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