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  1. Disneyland Old-Timer Passes Right Before Book Release

    Former cast member Arthur C. “Buddy” Adler, 82, the man credited with saving the Walt Disney Studio Garage from the scrap heap, has died of complications from gall bladder surgery.

    Any day now, Adler’s book “Walt Disney’s Garage of Dreams” was to be released by Theme Park Press ( The garage now sits in Garden Grove, Ca. (

    Previously, Art served as contract administrator for the purchasing departments ...
  2. Castle Drawbridge Will Never Rise Again

    This week, work was completed on refurbishment of the drawbridge to Sleeping Beauty Castle, all dictated by the Disney lawyers to prevent the possibility of some guest ever toppling into the moat.

    Originally, there were black metal chains along the sides to keep pedestrians on the bridge. Later, shields were added to close the gaps. They have now been replaced with thick wooden railings and posts, with black metal bars and chains for good measure. The additions make it virtually impossible ...
  3. So what if you finish last...

    As many of us are gearing up to head out to Disneyland for this weekend's Dumbo Double Dare, Disneyland Half Marathon and other scheduled events, one little thing always sticks in the back of my mind. What if I finish last?

    Even though I've trained for this event, the training has been spotty at best given work and travel demands. Not an excuse per say but just a fact that I'm staring at 22.4 miles (5k, 10k, and half marathon) on probably less than optimal training. The hamstring ...
  4. Dumbo Double Dare Training - Week Fifteen

    "At least 99 percent of running is just showing up, getting out there and putting one foot in front of the other." John Hanc, The Essential Runner

    We’re at 23 days and counting down until the 9th annual Disneyland Half Marathon and 2nd Dumbo Double Dare challenge weekend! Just a few short weeks remain and come Sunday August 31st you’ll be wearing a small army of medals in celebration of your achievement. Can you hear the sound of medal against medal already?
  5. Dumbo Double Dare Training - Week Fourteen

    "Remember, the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running." - Sarah Condor, Runner/Author

    We’re t-minus 30 days until the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend – can you believe the Dumbo Double Dare is almost here? Over the remaining few weeks, we’ll take a look at things to consider as you prepare yourself pre-race, during the race, and post-race. This week we’ll start by looking at three pre-race preparation ...
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