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  1. Disney Dream a fabulous addition to the Disney vacation portfolio

    I've started this blog post a number of times, trying to come up with the best way to sum up my experiences aboard the Disney Dream, the newest addition to the Disney Cruise Line fleet. I kept restarting because I couldn't come up with enough words to describe it. "Wonderful," "magnificent," "spectacular," "wow," and more just don't seem to sum it up.

    I suppose that my experience may be colored by the fact that I have not been on a cruise ship in 15 years, and so the bar may have ...
  2. Unite HERE Local 11 renews campaign against Toy Story 3

    Days after the Disney-Pixar film Toy Story 3 took home the Best Animated Feature Film award at the 2011 Golden Globes, leadership of a union representing more than 2,000 hotel workers at the Disneyland Resort have renewed a campaign urging voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to snub the film when voting for the Academy Awards.

    The group launched a Web site (, protested outside a screening of the film at the Disney Studios, and sent a mailing ...
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  3. Walt Disney World talks New Fantasyland, debuts new castle projection show

    At a press event Tuesday night, Walt Disney World announced more details about the New Fantasyland expansion, which will double the size of the existing land. The announcement had a mix of previously-announced features and new additions.

    New Fantasyland has undergone some changes in the last year and a half. Image © Disney.


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  4. When the Chimps Are Down...

    Thereís an old story that in a TV interview about 20 years ago, Michael Eisner justified the companyís hardline stance against wage increases for theme park employees by saying that the typical cast memberís duties could be performed, just as proficiently, by a trained monkey.

    Now the story has never been substantiated and, over the years, the apocryphal quote has been re-attributed to Paul Pressler and other villainous executives.

    But cast membersí lingering perception ...

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  5. My next visit to the The Mouse is in ten weeks

    My family and I will be making a WDW pilgrimage in late March. We haven't been to The World in quite a long time, so I'm making a list of video footage that I'd like to get for future Mouse Flicks episodes.

    Not all of the videos rely heavily on live footage, of course, but most of them do, and since I don't get to visit WDW nearly as often as I'd like, I hope to be well prepared for this trip with a list of topics I'd like to cover.

    I don't often do "ride videos" (there's ...
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