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  1. The Art of Trial Balloons

    The Disneyland merchandise people have decided to open an art gallery in the exit of The Walt Disney Story. Is this a temporary expedient to help them sell off a bunch of artwork, or is this a trial for a possible permanent gallery inside the Opera House?

    Remember that Disney commissioned a ton of art for the Art of the Disney Theme Parks display at the Festival of Arts in Laguna? Less than half of it sold during the Dream... Imagine... Create... merchandise event in September. With ...

    Updated 01-06-2008 at 06:01 PM by AVP

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  2. Victoria & Albert are childless

    I see that Victoria & Albert's has implemented a policy barring children under 10 years of age. So far, this has passed without comment after being noted on our MousePad discussion forums. Am I surprised? In a word, no.

    At $125 prix fixe (plus tax & tip) per person ($185 with wine pairing, $175/$245 at the Chef's Table) and no children's menu or children's pricing, V&A's is not exactly the most child-friendly dining establishment at the resort. However, apparently a couple of times ...

    Updated 01-05-2008 at 04:30 PM by Mark Goldhaber

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  3. Just for Kassandrasmom

    The Russian River hit Flood Stage 1 this afternoon in Healdsburg. How do I know? Well, things are SO happening here that THE big thing to do in winter is check out the old bridges over the Russian River to see how close the river is to flooding.

    Come Flood Stage levels, there's a kind of block party on the old railroad bridge, until the sheriff arrives to shoo everyone off and yellow-tape the entrance.

    Street parking near these bridges is at a premium and there is ...
  4. Goodbye, Dolly (-maker)

    When I set this blog up, I figured I'd write my first entry as soon as some story struck my fancy. I didn't expect it to be an obituary, but you can't control the news. We lost another Disney legend this week, when Joyce Carlson passed away Wednesday at the age of 84.

    For those unaware, Carlson started out at Disney in 1944 in the traffic department before quickly moving into the Ink and Paint Department, working on such films as Cinderella, Peter Pan, and Sleeping Beauty.
  5. Prepare the Ark

    Okay, I am trying this out. With all this rain, all I'll need is a little soap and the Calgon Man can take me away!