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  1. Dumbo Double Dare Training - Week Seven

    SAN ANTONIO -- It wasn’t a restful night of recovery for LeBron James following his body’s betrayal on his sport’s biggest stage. James had over two bags of fluids pumped into his body after Game 1 of the NBA Finals, and that doesn’t count all the salt tablets and potassium pills and sports drinks and recovery concoctions that he consumed following the 110-95 loss. All that stuff had to go somewhere, so James was up all night walking back and forth from his hotel room’s bed to his hotel room’s bathroom. ...
  2. Angry Disneyland Guests Call Out Grumpy

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, considering the challenges of staffing Memorial Day Weekend’s 24-hour party, guest complaints against cast members jumped in the days following the event.

    As reported at this week’s Mickey’s Roll Call (the daily briefing for management), a lot of the notes were of the “he was less than helpful” and “she was a little grumpy” variety.

    “Gee, maybe if TDA didn’t have to bounce us around seven different parking lots and require some of us to work ...
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  3. Dumbo Double Dare Training - Week Six

    "Being an athlete is a state of mind which is not bound by age, performance or place in the running pack." Jeff Galloway, Galloway's Book on Running

    If you are following this blog and are working through Jeff Galloway's training program with me, you will note that this is the first "Magic Mile" (MM) week. Instead of me trying to muddle my way through an explanation, I've provided Jeff's description of a MM so you know exactly how to add a one to your weekend workout. ...
  4. Dumbo Double Dare Training - Week Five

    "Last is just the slowest winner." ~ Author Unknown

    While there is always pleasure in a solitary run or walk, there are also times when getting out with a group can be a positive part of a training program. The support that one gains from a group as well as the accountability that a group demands can turn an easy to blow off training morning into a ‘have to be there’ event. Even a virtual running group, such as Team MousePlanet’s own Castle-to-Castle Challenge, can provide ...
  5. Dumbo Double Dare Training - Week Four

    “Pain is nothing compared to what it feels like to quit.” ~ Author unknown

    As a long-time runner, I’ve been fortunate. I can count on one hand the running-related injuries that I’ve dealt with over the years. The trailer hitch that took me out of running for a year when I smashed my knee ‘head on’ into it at full speed (note to self – don’t run in the dark). The speed bump from the inaugural Tower of Terror 10 Miler that took out both knees, one hand, and a camera (see note above ...
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