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  1. Royal Dano's Return to the Hall of Presidents

    In an interview during the Hall of Presidents press event, Kathy Rogers, senior show producer for Walt Disney Imagineering, discussed the possibility of using Royal Dano's voice again in the revised Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln show coming to Disneyland.

    What his narrative might be remains to be seen. In this show, Abraham Lincoln offers the Gettysburg Address, believed to be picked up off of original recordings made for the LP Record originally done for Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. ...
  2. Disney's "A Christmas Carol" Train: Oakland/SF Station

    Date: June 28; location: Oakland; weather: sunny and hot, but not too bad; crowds, not so bad!

    Disney changed the station from Redwood City to Oakland -- it made it much easier for me to get us there, as I am so much more familiar with all the streets and freeways.

    We were in line at about 40 minutes after opening. And luckily the line was very short (~20 minutes). I heard that Saturday was crazy, with the line stretching to 90 minutes of waiting to get on the train. ...
  3. Everyone needs a travel agent

    There I said it.

    I don't know what it is about the Internet that makes everyone think they need to do everything themselves. Doing things myself makes my head hurt. There's too much to KNOW. Way too much.

    And travel agents KNOW it. It's like, their jobs. They have access to it.

    I fell in love with my travel agent just booking hotels for me. I wanted a last minute hotel room near Disneyland and I didn't want to sit on the phone, scour websites or try ...
  4. Clear Pass goes bye-bye

    With extremely short notice, the company that managed the Clear Pass system at Orlando International Airport and a number of other major U.S. airports has shuttered the program. When you visit their Web site at, you see the following:

    Clear Lanes Are No Longer Available.

    At 11:00 p.m. PST on June 22, 2009, Clear will cease operations. Clear’s parent company, Verified Identity Pass, Inc. has been unable to negotiate an agreement with its senior creditor to continue

    Updated 06-22-2009 at 04:37 PM by Lani

  5. Walt Disney World to test out new Wishes Fireworks Dessert Party

    Apparently, Disney will be testing a new Wishes Fireworks Dessert Party in the Magic Kingdom starting on Tuesday.

    The test will run from June 23 through Saturday, August 29, "near" the Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station. Our guess is that it probably will be in the Noodle Station's lower seating area and possibly the middle level, as well. There's really no other area that can accommodate the 160 people (maximum) that the party will allow aside from the smoking area, which would ...
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