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  1. Star Tours: The Adventure Corrected

    Some things suck about getting old, particularly for theme park visitors. In a post-PeopleMover world, there are a lot fewer options for those of us who appreciate rides for the whole family. Ever since reaching the infirmed old age of 35, I’m increasingly left dizzy by eye-popping 3-D movies, left battered by extreme coasters and simulators, and left nauseous by the parks’ greasy food options. I’ve ridden Mission: Space once, and won’t be back.

    So I figured that modernizing Star ...
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  2. Disneyland Loses Its First Tour Guide

    Bill Skiles, the Skiles half of the musical comedy duo Skiles and Henderson, who got their start at Disneyland, including stints as the park’s first tour guides, passed away Monday at age 79.

    Skiles continued performing up until last year, and—even in his late 70s—was as frenzied and funny as ever. During my two meetings with him and several phone calls, it was hard to get him to share a straight story, free of vocal tricks, sound effects, and general zaniness, though I tried (recounting ...
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